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  1. How much would you sell a set of the Maximos for? Shipped to 43756
  2. funandgames

    SQ Subwoofers

    We did an install with two 15" Dayton audio subs in my dad's Yukon XL running off of a PPI Black ICE amp. They were a little underpowered but they sounded great and were pretty loud. I wish we had a little bigger amp pushing them to see what they were really capable of. They were impressive to say the least.
  3. Getting a new vehicle soon, possibly a 2011 Jeep Patriot but I've been too busy lately to make the drive and test drive it. Hopefully it'll still be there this coming up Friday, the earliest day I can check it out. I'm looking for a double din deck with bluetooth, set of components and a 4 channel amp with a budget of around $1,000. I already have a set of Hertz HSK mids for the rear doors. I'm looking for a nice component set up front that'll blend nicely with the mids in the back. It's been a while since I've been around car audio, I'm sure a lot has changed in the last few years so I need a refresher, LOL.I am looking at the Hertz Mille Pro set on Woofersetc.com as an option but if you think there's something better within budget then I'm definitely all ears.