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  1. Hey all, I'm trying to get a very modest audio setup running in my 94 Dodge Dakota club cab with a stock speaker config of two 5"s in the front doors and two 5"7"s in the rear side panels. I've already upgraded those with some nice pioneers, but I'm looking to add a bit more low end. I'm posting here because I know how to install a HU and speakers, but that is about the extent of my car audio knowledge. I've been working on cars for about fifteen years now, but am just getting into audio systems out of necessity. What I'm starting with is a very cheap Panasonic CQ-RX100 HU: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_11450_Panasonic+CQ-RX100U.html (Sorry if that doesn't work, I'm not real internet savvy either) It luckily already has RCA jacks in the rear, which I hear is a good thing for installing an amp. It has 4 channels, rated at 50 watts, each, I'm guessing? What I'm looking to push is about a fifteen year old Jenson bandpass 1010 box with two diagonally mounted 10" subs behind about a 14"x10" plexiglass window. It came out of my first vehicle, an 81' Chevy K5 Silverado Blazer. As far as I can remember, the box and a pair of tiny no-name 3-ways put out some decent sound for that truck, and the one I'm putting it into has about 1/3 as much space to fill. Unfortunately, the amp I had on it originally is long lost and I have only a slight idea what I need to replace it. This is where I need the most help from you all. I took the speakers to car toys and they told me they're rated at 4 ohms (crap, I cant remember if it was resistance or impedance, and I don't know what those mean anyway...)and that I would need a monoblock amp that puts out 300-400 watts to keep from blowing them out. First of all, does this sound right? And second, Does Jenson make something comparable to that, or can anyone reccomend something that will suit my needs? I'm looking to spend under $250 on amp and install kit if at all possible. I will try to find out any additional info that anybody could need to help me. Any help will be greatly appreciated!