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  1. crxforsale

    User: RE_XXX B.S. AGAIN!!

    butthurt this butthurt and this agreed
  2. crxforsale

    User: RE_XXX B.S. AGAIN!!

    thats me yo!
  3. crxforsale

    User: RE_XXX B.S. AGAIN!!

    and heres one of the retards now
  4. crxforsale

    User: RE_XXX B.S. AGAIN!!

    CACO IS THE SHIT! no scamming over there. because of the retards that like to run their mouth here is why this site is full of scammers. talk shit and get scammed. PERIOD! sucks learning the hard way......
  5. crxforsale

    User: RE_XXX B.S. AGAIN!!

    ban? SCAMMER!
  6. crxforsale

    Louisiana_CRX = Bad Seller and Possible Scammer

    anything yet cause i just thought youd like to know that this wonderful human being here is buying other items while you are still left in the dark. http://www.caraudio.com/forum/showthread.php?t=437126 dam, karma sucks so bad!
  7. crxforsale

    100w x4 Budget amp

    no more comments
  8. what a load of BS! this site has been ****ed for years now and you havent done shit, so dont feed us that "i know the frustration" nonsense. you are not worthy enough to own this site fyi. quit being a worthless alcoholic and fix this site NOW!