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  1. marlo please look all my vids ,the camera is normal good not bad, the system in my car is **** good,
  2. the name dbwesz is my sons name but its my ,,little car,, enjoy:D
  3. are you a wizzard oldschool ? the world record are about 181,3 alan dante
  4. vehicle toyota starlet head unit alpine 9855r compo,s 2x re audio triple xxx subs 2x 18 inch re audio mt serie,s amps 4x rf t40001 on the subs playing 1ohm 18000 watts 1 amp rf t8004 for the compo box 500 ltrs tuned on 35 hrz song lil john-trow it up score 157.8
  5. and a little result on 30 herz 155.8 db not so bad
  6. right and the subs are 2x re audio mt,s 18 inch, and sometimes i switch to 2x btl, i will downlaod picture,s from my wall, so you can see how it,s made
  7. hello alittle impression about my car. for movies go to youtube.com and type the name dbwesz.
  8. tono

    hello from holland

    this is one of my vids:D
  9. hello my name is tono i am from holland,and i built very loud cars. i drive now on the moment a little car a toyota starlet and the setup is head unit alpine 955r 2x compo re audio triple xxx 2 subs fi btl 18 inch playing on 12 kw score on the moment 157.8 db on 30 herz if you wont to see some films go to youtube.com and type the name dbwesz than see you what i mean thanks