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    i am a bass head from hell and love what i do.
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    oswego ny
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    retired army mechanic
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    installing car audio systems
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    4 ab hd 12s dd comps in front rainbows in back kenwood ddx896
  1. stereohead69

    DD S4b

    These are great amps I have 2 of them and might get this one if paycheck is good
  2. stereohead69

    jdm94coupe scammed me

    hmmmm how funny he now has it for sale again but he is no scammer lol whatever
  3. ok guys looking for a second used M4a ready go
  4. stereohead69

    Used CDT ES-04 for sale - $70 shipped

    so you still have these bad boys man
  5. stereohead69

    Used CDT ES-04 for sale - $70 shipped

    just got the es-06 mid bass cdts in the mail fast shipping great seller here guys
  6. stereohead69

    Used CDT ES-04 for sale - $70 shipped

    if you still have them on the 1st ill take them off your hands
  7. stereohead69

    Used CDT ES-04 for sale - $70 shipped

    darnit why do i have to be broke right now great guy to buy from guys buy with confidence
  8. stereohead69

    (2) RE MT 18s w/ Tantric Recones

    man i heard these at the st judes show wow they get down great deal right here guys dont miss out trust me you wont be disappointed if i had the money i would buy them
  9. stereohead69

    jdm94coupe scammed me

    thanks i filed a claim against him i hate doing this but he has been prolonging this **** to **** long thanks guys
  10. stereohead69

    jdm94coupe scammed me

    never mind figured it out
  11. stereohead69

    jdm94coupe scammed me

    kyle 90 how do i do that cause i have never had to
  12. stereohead69

    jdm94coupe scammed me

    ok let me start by saying i purchased this guys eclipse 726e the first paypal account he gave me said he could not accept money at the time it should have been a red light to me but was not thinking so he gave me a different one and it went threw this was on 06/09/2014 ok then he texted me and asked my address so i sent it to him so i sat here waiting and waiting and never got it so i texted him on 06/23/2014 and asked if he got a tracking number when he sent it he replied with (yea i sent it usps i get back in town from miami wednesday night if its not to you by the time i get back i will refund you because that means its probably on its way back to me im sure i put the address right though) witch leads me to believe he never really was selling the unit but i replied on 06/26/2014 with hey bro just send me the tracking number ok thanks well got no reply so i sent another message on 06/28/2014 with ( ok what gives you said you would send me my tracking number wed night i am getting pissed here what is the hold up i have been patiently waiting on you ) he replies with (yea it just got back to my house friday my roommate called me and told me i sent it usps witch was a definitely a mistake of mine its damaged and i will have to refund you and my roommate looked at the receipt usps doesnt use tracking standard (yet he said he had a tracking number) i thought they did that was also my mistake i still havent seen it myself but my roommate said the box looks destroyed so its gonna be easier for me to just refund you when my check goes through i apologize in advance for all the trouble ) ok so i wait again and got tired of it and sent him the following text ( ok bro what the **** is the hold up i have been patiently waiting on you were the **** is my refund better be in my account soon or i will report you to the authoritys) and now its the 10th of july and i have not heard anything from him i know he just was scamming me so he need to be banned from here oh and it is the 12th of july and still no refund
  13. just as it says looking for some of these powerhouses but not looking to break the bank guys help a bass head out..
  14. Ok send me paypal info ill take it thanks