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  1. kkreit01

    Decisions, decisions...MB quart, JL Audio, diamond audio

    The Diamonds are pretty bright with their aluminum dome tweets. I have the 6x8 set. They are too bright for my taste. I used to like the bright MB Quarts tweeters when I was much younger. As I got older, I prefer more mellow soft/silk dome. The cross-over is very beefy, and you can decrease the tweet by -3db, but that still isn't enough in my application. The mid does pretty good.
  2. kkreit01

    phoenix gold rsd65cs amp

    I run mine off a US Acoustics 4065, and it does well enough for me. I know many might chime in and say "you need at least 150w per side".
  3. SQ through a factory 98 GM radio doesn't already sound that way?
  4. It's probably meant for Home Theater use. They are typically 1 chn. (going from receiver to sub amp.)
  5. Neither. Spend the money on a good set of comps (you can even go 3-way) up front, and use coax in rear. More does not equal better.
  6. kkreit01

    Arc FD6000 components

    1. I have not run the comps, but I had the Coax version for rear fill. They sounded OK, but really needed power. I ran them off deck power only, and the midbass was weak. The tweet seemed nice and calm -- not too harsh. Once again, I was only running them off deck power, so I'm not a good example. 2. Yes -- RTV on both sides of the surround will help. You probably won't notice it at all. I've used black for such repairs.
  7. kkreit01

    2 ohm 2 way componates

    Stay clear from Kappas unless you crave extremely harsh tweets. I used to like bright highs, but Kappas give a new meaning to harshness. JBL or Focal would be much better. Why are you set on 2 ohm?
  8. kkreit01

    Alpine coaxial problem...?

    It's not too difficult. Are they hooked up to an amp, or HU for power? If amp, you can easily swap the L & R at the amp -- to make sure it's the speaker.
  9. kkreit01

    Alpine coaxial problem...?

    Yes. Because it is rattling. Replace them before your trip, or you may only be listening to 1 side. No.
  10. If you own a Ford, this is about as OEM-like as it gets: Eclipse CD1200G - Car Stereo Head Unit In-Dash Receiver - Sonic Electronix I was tempted to try it at the price, but no had reviewed it at the time.
  11. For rear fill, I wouldn't bother. What you currently have is fine. You want your best sound coming from front. I would keep it the same -- since you have Alpine/Alpine. To answer your other question, you can easily make a 6.5 fit a 6x9 hole. You can make your own mounting plate out of thin mdf or cutting boards, or buy some like these: Scosche SA69 - Speaker Adapter Brackets - Sonic Electronix
  12. kkreit01

    Sonic Electronix am I covered under warrenty???

    Don't mount the crossovers in your door. That will prevent them from being damaged. Use the baffles (linked above) for your mids. That will protect them.
  13. kkreit01

    What is the slim sub of choice right now?

    SI BM is $ is no object. I bought a (new) 12" Earthquake SWS in ebay for a killer price, and am very pleased with it thus far. It has 3" mounting depth. I've also read some good things about the Exile XT10.
  14. kkreit01

    Check my budget build...

    If you get the RSDs up front, for sure skip the Infinity for rear. Pick up some RSD coaxs (they are dirt cheap), and will blend in real nice for rear fill. I run the 6" RSD comps, and have 5x7 RSD coax for rear. They sound nice on a budget.