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  1. hispls

    Fiberglass List

    Late to the party here, but if you haven't ordered, shop around at US Composites. I've had good experiences ordering supplies from them. Also you're missing acetone from your list. You will absolutely want that to clean up. Might also want to add some blue painter's tape if you need to mask off anything.
  2. hispls

    Port size

    This is an issue with standing waves. An oldie but goodie here: http://www.teamrocs.com/technical/pages/aiming.htm Short answer is to experiment with location and aiming of the box in the trunk. Also 2" round port does sound very small. I'd guess after a couple hundred watts the port will unload and perform very poorly. As far as just making the port bigger you start really cutting into box volume which will hurt output and performance, and of course those "shallow mount" type woofers are generally rather limitoued to begin with. Anyway, start with just playing around with location and aiming then if you can't get where you want come back and post precise box dimensions and see if someone can help you figure out a fix for that smalll port.
  3. hispls

    Stock System Upgrade Recommendation

    I've always been impressed with JL components in the sound board at shops and in cars. They're a bit spendy but they're good quality and IMO they sound good. I have not used Infinity speakers in ages but I've had good results with the JBL lineup... worth an audition if you can find any local. My experience with Infinity components/coaxials is that they sound nice and get pretty loud off of low power but if you're running bigger power they stop sounding good. I suspect your sub may be engineered to function best in a ported box. If it doesn't sound right you may just improve things by playing with the sub's orientation and position in the vehicle.... the difference can be dramatic. If that fails consider getting a custom designed ported box.
  4. hispls

    boland audio

    http://tom-morrow-land.com/tests/ampchall/index.htm I read about 3/4 of that thread, a bunch of assclowns trying to justify their horribly overpriced snobophile brand purchases to each other. And none of them went 12 for 12 and took the 10 grand either, did they? Even after claiming it's all trickery. Whatever. If the fact that you paid thousands of dollars for some boutique brand home receiver makes it sound better to you, I guess it's money well spent, but it's commonly accepted science that the threshold of the sensitivity of the human ear is nowhere near precise enough to notice the difference, and that's assuming the difference is something you couldn't just simulate with EQ or even a simple passive filter.
  5. hispls

    boland audio

    And yet Richard Clarke is still in possession of his 10 grand.
  6. hispls

    Rattle from subwoofer

    I'm having trouble translating this into English, are you offering to warranty OPs subs if they break on 1000W to the pair?
  7. I don't think any properly functioning amp will draw more than 8-10A at idle and that's pushing it. That said, the operative word is properly functioning, so you may want to use a 3-5A fuse when first powering up just in case there's something fishy going on inside the amp.
  8. hispls

    boland audio

    If you can find the man who can hear the difference between 1% and .001% distortion just have him reach out to Richard Clarke to make an easy 10 grand.
  9. hispls

    boland audio

    Considering modern class D amps are already in the 90% efficient and up range, how much is left to gain? At what cost? Why aren't the companies who actually do R&D implementing this? Surely JL, Rockford, Alpine, etc. have the budget and the brain power on tap to utilize this and already have a customer base ready to pay premium for their brands.
  10. hispls

    boland audio

    The point being do these "benefits" translate into any real-world performance or audible difference? If not you're just paying for bragging rights. Those types are bigger band-wagoners than the people around here. And for some reason nobody has claimed Richard Clarke's 10 grand.
  11. hispls

    boland audio

    2 year old article and who is using those new FETs? Legit breakthrough or just more SQ snake oil?
  12. hispls

    Rattle from subwoofer

    So "gain" setting aside, (because it is meaningless). Woofers have thermal and mechanical limits. It sounds like yours has some mechanical failure. Now you may be able to repair it or it may be a legitimate manufacturer defect, but if you're running double rated power to them it'll be hard to chalk it up to manufacturer defect IMO.
  13. hispls

    boland audio

    I think this came up last year at some point. Yeah, amps look great, will probably perform great and last for decades, and I'm sure he's a solid engineer, but why on Earth build a class A/B amp for car audio in this day and age? I mean if you're going to go gimmicky to pander to snobophiles just throw a couple tubes in the pre-amp section, otherwise, modern class D technology is way past the point where there's any reason to avoid it.
  14. hispls

    Rattle from subwoofer

    So let me get this straight, you're running 1000W to two 300W subs and you're wondering why one seems broken?