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  1. hispls

    New Distributor lookign for dealers

    I'll be down in Ocala area this winter. Do you have an actual storefront or are you just a warehouse?
  2. hispls

    PSI Audio amps

    I don't think Derek is a member on this board, I think I've seen him on SMD. I'll say now what I've said the last 10 years about these cookie cutter Far East amps, until someone actually shows otherwise on the meter/clamp they're all identical plus or minus tolerance differences in components. The point is this is sort of "new" but nothing exciting. It's not an exciting price (like Wolfram), they're not under-rated like Twisted (not that it even matters anymore with more and more orgs using clamped power classes), and they're not even unusual tooling like the stacked board EMF or IA offerings. They're certainly not unique circuits like the Brazilian full bridge designs or the companies who actually do their own R&D. They really are just the newest thing that are the exact same as the last new thing. The high price probably just reflects that he is already an established name in the business and he is savvy enough to understand how to price re-badged cookie cutter Chinese electronics.
  3. hispls

    PSI Audio amps

    And if my uncle had a cunt he would be my aunt. I've seen this argument posted here for years and nobody can ever show where the difference in price or performance is comparing components or on the meter/scope. Putting stickers on caps and having a pink board is cute but I doubt it buys you any performance gains and you, me, or anybody else who wanted to shell out 10-15 grand could call up Korea and buy a pallet load of the exact same thing with whatever sticker we liked on the caps.
  4. hispls

    PSI Audio amps

    To be fair, it's an entirely different business model. I don't think just anybody can call up Korea and buy a 50" OLED high def... or at least the minimum order will be quite large. With these amps the barrier of entry is so low that basically anybody with 20,000$ in cash, credit or a loan from a family member can become a new "brand", and that's with zero overhead. Many of these "brands" don't even have a website but start out on social media. What sets them apart? Being super cheap. Many of them fail because they fail to realize the actual cost of selling these things and price themselves too low and/or can't raise their prices down the road to become really profitable and grow. When Sundown was just Jacob running out of his garage his only expense was just doing really well with customer service (warrantying pretty much anything). Now with a huge facility and 20+ employees AND having to leave enough room for brick and mortar or other distribution channels to make a cut the prices pretty much need to be what they are to turn the same profit as him in his garage selling amps for 15-20% over his cost from Korea. At this point they should be considered more a commodity from a business point of view (like corn or tomatoes). The fancy supermarket can, will, and must sell that tomato for 3$ a pound while the farm stand under a tent can sell it for 1.50$
  5. hispls

    PSI Audio amps

    Go out and buy one if you want, but the only thing extra money buys you with these Korean board amps is a logo and whatever customer service you may or may not get from whomever is having that brand name stamped on the heatsink. At this point if anybody is trying to buy a new Korean amp there's very little separating one from another besides price.
  6. hispls

    Tarmaps HD15000 1ohm

    Don't supposed you're interested in any sort of trades?
  7. hispls

    PSI Audio amps

    Really doesn't matter. You really don't hear about any of these Korean amps blowing up from caps failing.
  8. hispls

    How long will it last?

    Tuned in for numbers
  9. hispls

    Improving on the meter

    You didn't mention one with burnt tinsels. Might just be able to perform some minor surgery and replace that for few bucks worth of tinsel and some glue. Well worth trying before you scrap it entirely! In fact you can try to pry up the dustcap and see what kind of glue is in the triple joint. If you can dissolve some (try acetone, a little at a time rub with the corner of a rag or similar) or burn it away with a soldering iron enough to expose 1/8 inch of the coil lead I've got some nice chunky tinsel up here we could use to get that back in action. If you can get it soft with solvent or heat and gently scrape with an exacto knife or tip of a utility knife you might could reveal enough of the coil lead to make it work too. OR might even be able to get into it on the former between the cone and spiders depending how much room you have to get in there and how tight those are spaced.
  10. hispls

    How long will it last?

    Firing port into a corner has always worked well for me. Very good idea.
  11. hispls

    Improving on the meter

    @wew lad Nice to meet you this weekend. Shame you couldn't have stuck around to mess with that Taramps and motivate me to do some testing. You ought to post some pics of your new box here some time. It sounded pretty good and those Team subs took that power like a champ. Hopefully I'm around a bit next spring/summer. I'd like to try a couple of my 15s in there and see what sort of numbers that'll do.
  12. hispls

    How long will it last?

    You can probably squeeze 147-148 out of that depending on how much power you actually get out of your "2K" amp and if you spend some time tweaking location, seat positions, etc. I'd guess 145 and change out the gate, an easy 1.5 dB in gains if you spend a few hours testing the usual tricks for gains, then probably more to be had if you really spend some time and money optimizing. Flush mount baffle would probably gain a little, gorilla tape usually gains, resin/painting should gain. Good volume and tuning for numbers though I think.
  13. hispls

    pushing 2 zv5 12's

    And apparently the same nuthuggers who claim a 3" 4 layer aluminum coil can handle 6000W if you put "SUNDOWN" on the dustcap. Are you offering to warranty OP's subs when he runs a pair on a 10K amp?
  14. hispls

    Narrowed down my decision

    Interesting. Northstar has maintained a great reputation for well over 10 years now.
  15. hispls

    PSI Audio amps

    Also that's 20 cents per watt if these are actually a 2K priced at 400$