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  1. My other thoughts are perhaps something is wrong with my meter, it is very old. Or IIRC I was doing a lower frequency back in the fall when I tested.
  2. Still have one amp out being repaired, haven't dared drop impedance below .7 and my alternator isn't charging past 13.2V. I think this year might be the one for me if I can find time.
  3. Does just removing the rubber gaskets do the job? I've seen people trim off edges of the frame with an angle grinder but only in really extreme builds. Surely there's a better option for you.
  4. I reckon we have different definitions of loud too. Again, pick any of the Korean 3K amps, they're identical besides the brand name. Pick Brazilian if you're tight on space or funds and buy new with warranty, or if you want something better than cookie cutter with some original R&D buy Rockford or MMats, but you'll be spending for the proprietary in-house engineering.
  5. Let us know how that works out for you. Also you will probably never get that much turbulence out of a trunk with a single 15 and certainly not with 3K power. Brazilian amps do make legit power but reliability (mostly due to QC and component selection) is dubious. Buy with warranty from established seller if you go that route. Otherwise all those Korean amps are the same except for the brand name and whatever customer service/resale value that name is worth. You're way over-thinking this.
  6. Going to need to narrow it down a bit, friend. This really isn't much to go on.
  7. Yep. This is why I always question newbies who think they need to tune into the low 30s. Also, good looking box, OP. I've never had good results with multiple round ports myself but for what that sub is I don't suppose you're chasing 10ths on the meter.
  8. hispls

    PRV amps

    Why? Are they getting more expensive? No such thing as a free lunch.
  9. diyaudio.com will be a better source for horn projects. I have yet to see a true horn build on this board.
  10. hispls

    PRV amps

    Implying Brazilian amps ever had decent QC or reliability. You're buying at 5 cents a watt for a reason.
  11. Different wood isn't going to fix that, what you need to do is figure out a way to firmly secure the box to the floor of the vehicle if you want it to stay put. That box looked sound enough with the bracing and all. If panels are flexing add more bracing or double wall that side, if it's just the box itself moving work on bolting it down somehow. IF you do redesign figure out how to leave yourself room to mount the amp not on the box.
  12. And 30 years of seeing how these garbage brands operate tells me that they'll slap their name on anything and if someone hasn't tested the exact model in question you should expect he worst. I can think of a few brands that had one or two decent amps ever while everything else in their lineup has been pure trash. This is why I hate to support that sort of company.
  13. For the record, the frequency response will more model like a larger box for you but you will not gain efficiency you would if you actually had that airspace. Bear in mind your cabin gain may give you enough low extension where you don't need the curve you think you need to sound "good" and sealed boxes are quite forgiving anyway. A 30% change in volume doesn't really even change the response graph much. Easiest check is model the sub in WinISD to compare what you could even expect, or just buy 10$ worth of batting and test for yourself.
  14. The point being does the """2000W""" model even do half of the one Derek reviewed? Will it blow up out of the box?
  15. Again, there is no "good" way to mount an amp to a box period. If you had that much room between the box and the rear of the trunk you should have built up an L shaped board mounted to the floor floating free from the box. If you believe the sides aren't flexing but the box is vibrating you may consider bolting/securing the box to the car somehow. Then you just get to the point where every bit of the car is vibrating and you're still getting undue wear.