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  1. Got a set of Cdt es3 mids for $75 shipped
  2. hey im in communication with mike from mikesaltenators for  an alternator for my 2008 g35x 3.5 but its not the easiest to get a hold of him. He sent me an invoice to pay the full $407 or pay $50 now.. Can you tell me whats the build time to get it to me and will I need to make any modifications like a smaller belt or is it bolt on? also how do the payments work ? full amount has to be paid or I can pay it with time.. Thank you

    1. mylows10


      Smaller belt. Not sure if it’s direct bolt on. But for the price. I’d say it is  usually 5-7 week build time. Must be paid in full before shipped 

  3. Wire $3.50 a ft. Distro blocks. Depends on which ones you want $30 each to $100 a set for nice aluminum ones 0 in 2,4 g out is $25. Plus shipping
  4. The xfl subs are 3” coils where the sa subs are 2.5” coils. Both are good subs. But I’d go with the xfl. FYI no eBay seller is authorized to sell Ab so be careful. I sell the 12s for $195 each shipped. New with full warranty in the lower states
  5. Might be your amps setting that causing the issue But you can always adjust the sub settings on the dsp higher as well like I did on my Sieo
  6. I’m not in so cal. I’m on the central coast. But not much cheaper here
  7. We are in escrow now waiting appraisal got it for 437,500 was offered at 475k 3 months ago it was 550k Oh and it’s 5 min from the lake with a view and 25 acres
  8. Shouldn’t be. But you can adjust the amps gain down to your liking
  9. Ken prolly sent the 2 ohm kids to pull more power from your amp to be louder the components will sound louder because they are closer to your ears But when you hook the components up to the crossovers. You should see a 4 ohm Lias
  10. Mine are on the small self Last truck. The amps were under the box in the s10. The sub amps were in the bed under a tonneau
  11. The ampere dream series components would fit the bill fir you. At about $275 a set shipped new to
  12. I got a 2 month old sq 4500 for $600