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  1. NoCoSPL

    Nightshade v.2 Prototype Preview Picture

    UGHHH> . . . wakin up this dead thread. Sorry, but i cant wait for these to come out!! You best PM me when they are ready to go Jacob!!!
  2. NoCoSPL

    Colorado Springs, At Cartoys, SUNDAY MAY 16TH

    **** right i better be able to use my zune and Joe should be welcome at every show regardless of the location of his CD player. I cant play music on a cd for over 5 secs over 140db, and if urs did the same you wouldn't even consider making it a rule. Thanks for changing it.
  3. NoCoSPL


    Mmmmmm. . . paddle shift!
  4. NoCoSPL

    April 25th, Northglenn CO.

    I was really suprised with the turn out, lots of new guys. Never met dextermoped. Looked like a really good show.
  5. I've taken my losses and im cool with it. I don't expect to win everytime, and i don't pout when i lose. Just like tommorrow if i come to the show i probably wont enter my car, i don't have any equipment. And i do wanna talk to ya guys, i want to see dans wall, and what all new stuff everyone got. Sorry i didn't make the last show. And i never said the entrance fee was too much.
  6. I think this is a really good idea steve, would be fun to have another type of volume control using fully the users ear, than a screen.
  7. NoCoSPL

    April 25th, Northglenn CO.

    I have 2 Memphis crossovers, i would probably just give to you, i also have Mpyre crossovers that are brand new never been used i would sell you those for $25, im running my 4 ch as my crossover now.
  8. NoCoSPL

    What's wrong with my subs?

    Could be your spiders. . .
  9. NoCoSPL

    151.9 with 1 12" DDZ in a Saleen trunk!

    Good Score
  10. NoCoSPL

    My HDC3 Caught on fire lol

    Holy Huge Pic, sorry guys
  11. NoCoSPL

    My HDC3 Caught on fire lol

    Must of arced on the tinsel leads, just heard a really loud pop and smoke started to roll out. It smoldered for about 5 mins with the music off before i checked it out, don't know if this has happened to anyone else but i figured i would share just for the slight entertainment. Doesn't look like much burned but it made a hell of a lot of smoke! lol
  12. NoCoSPL

    Hearing loss.

    I think the main issue is the op's title that states "hearing loss"
  13. NoCoSPL

    Hearing loss.

    LOL why would you ever use 4 ga for speaker wire? 10k watts to 1 speaker maybe. . . but whats that point when your tinsel leads are size 12 and your copper coil is size 18? Waste of 4 gauge imo