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  1. matt_bennett05

    What 8" sub

    @denim, long time no talk. Thinking about pulling trigger in a pair of F8L. Will I get similar performance to a single 12 on about 2k? Looking to save space for a youngin on the way
  2. I have an Alp CDA-117 w/ Parrot BT Module, Ipod, but cd deck not working I might consider trading.
  3. matt_bennett05

    Side --->Top Terminal Adapter

    Thanks for your help on this, they worked man.
  4. matt_bennett05

    Which first, Alternator or Battery?

    Yep, an Irragi 370A and pulling 3K I see 13.6-13.4/5... might lose .2 volts... "might" wide open
  5. Quick input here, but you did ensure that the internal amp on the unit was on, correct? You can switch the internal amp off on that unit under main settings.
  6. matt_bennett05

    FS: Digital Designs 1508 ( Pair ) 8" DVC

    Hey guys, this is a killer deal and someone needs to jump on these!!! Wouldn't work in my application but 350zspl was more than willing to help me out and discuss my situation. Very quick to respond too!
  7. matt_bennett05

    FS: Digital Designs 1508 ( Pair ) 8" DVC

    What's up man. Work filter blocking pics. Please email me @ mbennett7254 at gmail.com
  8. matt_bennett05

    FS: Aura RPM2300

    Nice clean amp for a front stage. Ran one of these quite a while until I needed more power. GLWS sir.
  9. matt_bennett05

    Side --->Top Terminal Adapter

    Thanks. Online pics just aren't justifying my inquiry.
  10. matt_bennett05

    Side --->Top Terminal Adapter

    Looks like my only option unless I add short runs to tie into at top... which would look rigged AF... Also, I read it may/may not fit a more standard height AGM batt but only XS batts. Will that be an issue?
  11. matt_bennett05

    Side --->Top Terminal Adapter

    Don't think these would work in my application because the side term is made to be the side instead of allowing you to still use the side with added benefit of having top terminal connectinos too...
  12. matt_bennett05

    Side --->Top Terminal Adapter

    Saw those but discontinued model.
  13. Ok, I've got 10 of the Dekas that Mike Lane was selling on here a while back and I've got a slight dilemma that I'd like to get some help on. I've been eyeing the XS Power 555 adater but I don't know if it is a top to side or side to top or either/or adapter. Basically I want a side to top adapter I can tie on to aftermarket materials via top and keep factory stuff to the side. I literally had my hands on an L shaped bracket made just for this but the guy only had one and that was of no use to me because I need two. Maybe someone can chime in?
  14. matt_bennett05

    Project: Blue Demon C1500

    I've got four little Kicker 6.5" co-ax in a little waterproofed box under my 4 door Sonoma on a JL 300/2 that I use for when I'm working out in the yard, grilling out, hanging out, bonfire, etc, etc, etc. I'm quite fond of the little outdoor speaker setup but mine serve the purpose other than being something you hear blaring going down the road just to turn a couple heads. I can see using them for purpose but not just to be that guy.
  15. matt_bennett05

    Kicker ZR240 2-channel amplifier -- $100 shipped

    Num Num. Love mine. Just need the 1000 to have 'em all! Good luck with sale man!