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  1. gunz4me2

    Another 8" sub thread

    Well, that would require that I scrap my MMATS HIFI-6150D which is running the whole system. Also, I alternate between a sealed 10 and my 8s depending on my mood. The sealed 10 is OK for SQ purposes, but I'd like to give my 8s more power and replacing the 8s would be cheaper than buying 5 channels of amplification.
  2. gunz4me2

    Another 8" sub thread

    So here is my dilemma, I have a pair of Digital Designs 1508s, single 4 ohm, and I would rather have a 1 ohm nominal load than a 2 ohm nominal load. It looks as though it will cost me approximately $300 to have them re-coned in DVC configuration and I would rather not spend that much money just to end up with a 1 ohm nominal load. So my question is, what other 8" subwoofers will work in 1 cubic foot net per sub tuned to 40 Hz and cost me less than $300 plus shipping? I was looking at the Sound Qubed HDS2.108 and wondering if that would fit the bill? Also, any other suggestions on subs that will work in this enclosure with 1000 watts rms?
  3. gunz4me2

    Pick me out some 12" subs

    What about the new Alpine R-W12D2? I'm considering doing one of those ported in my GTI next. The quoted depth is 7.25" which would give you just 1/2" for the pole piece to vent, lol. Not ideal but better than it up against the back wall of the enclosure. I was going to try porting my current last gen type R 10, but I'm worried that I may destroy it in a ported situation since it is sealed right now.