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  1. asr10 user

    Strange issue with my JL Audio 13w7.

    Its in a sealed box that has been sitting for years. In those years it was rained on and all types of stuff. It could be the box, but when I press down on the sub itself certain spots of the woofer cause the sound to go away and certain spots make it louder.
  2. *This is my 13w7 connected in my home theater setup* Finally connected my 13w7 that has been sitting in my garage for probably 6-8 years. It's being powered by an ep2500 and sounds great. Only problem is at certain frequencies (30-35 hz I think) it sounds like a scratchy vibration on top of the bass. Is voice coil rub possible only at certain frequencies? At other frequencies it sounds fine and is in my chest. Even with the vibration sound there is plenty of bass under it that still sounds strong and full. When I had it in my car, I never noticed this because it was in my trunk and the sound is faint. But now it bugs me because I can hear it in my corner. I think as a band aid I can hide the box more so I can't hear the vibration, but hear plenty of bass. Any ideas?
  3. asr10 user

    Possible blown 13W7 ?

    Ok an update. I brought the sub in to the shop where I bought it and hoped to test it. I took the W7 bare with no box and the guy said he didnt have time today to put it in a box real quick to test properly, he said it will probably sound funny with no box. I tested it that way with no box. I also didnt have the O-Ring that goes around the top of the cone installed. He said he doubts the o-ring has anything to do with it, but it would be better to test that way. He also pushed the sub in and out and put something like a dmm onto each VC that made the woofer jump to what seemed like full excursion. He said it seems fine and the voice coils are ok. I asked him about the weather and dropping it and he says physically it looked fine so he doubts weather is an issue. And if it was dropped, you would probably see the magnet not be aligned and he has seen that before in other w7's. So in a nutshell, he says its probably fine, but I need to either come back when he has free time to put the sub into his box, or I can put it back into my old sealed box and he would gladly test it while its in my box. He did not test it while it was bare and boxless. He also offered to build a dual ported box painted or stained and designed for the home for $300. I might do that if the sub works.
  4. asr10 user

    Possible blown 13W7 ?

    I hope thats it. Im going to do the compressed air thing now. Really the only two types of trauma the sub could have experienced is the weather (I do live in Los Angeles so weather is perfect, but the box might have got some water on it over the years) and a dropping of the entire enclosure. Could dropping the box have caused the VC or something to move and get unaligned?
  5. asr10 user

    Possible blown 13W7 ?

    Ok, I measured the w7 with a dmm and I am getting 3ohm. But when I press up and down on the cone, I hear a faint scratchy noise. The cone should be completely silent when going up and down correct?
  6. asr10 user

    Possible blown 13W7 ?

    Its wired in series, so it should be giving out a 3ohm signal which is what I wanted for my home theater build. The sub was in the middle, no water could have gotten to the bottom of it, but maybe from the top it somehow seeped through. I can take pics, what should I take pics of though? From what I can tell, physically it looks fine. And it ***** I got out of the car audio game, or else I would just be able to test this thing properly. I might just try to bring it to a shop.
  7. asr10 user

    Possible blown 13W7 ?

    Basically I bought a 13w7 5-6 years ago. I used it in my car, sold the car, then let it sit for about 3 years in my garage. Now im building a home theater system and wanted to use the W7 for the sub. I removed the w7 from the box today to see how it was wired and connected it to my Onkyo AVR to to hear it. The sub sounds blown. I hear all types of movement and only when I hold the cone down does it sound clean. How the hell is this possible! I bought it maybe 5-6 years ago, used it in my car for about 2-3 years, never played it super loud, used a JL Audio 1000/1 amp, and when I put it away the last time it was still working fine. It has been doing nothing but sitting in my garage for about 3 years. Is it possible weather got to it? I saw some mold on the box itself, but did that get to the sub? Could a drop of the box caused the voice coil damage? Those are the only two bad things I can think of that might have affected it. Its just been sitting there. I dont remember if the box was actually dropped, but it is a 150lb box and maybe someone dropped it, but I dont think so. Physically the sub looks fine, no signs of weather. Could the Onkyo just be giving it crappy signal? Any definitive way to find out of its ok? SHOOT!
  8. Anyone know of a shop that would be interested in buying my JL Audio 13.5" W7? Ive had it for about two years after I sold my car, and have put it up for sale on and off for a long time. Most people seem to flake or want to test it, but since I have no system anymore I cant test it myself. So im thinking of just trying to find a shop to sell it to. Trying to fund a new project. Any ideas?
  9. asr10 user

    What sub would you get?

    Lanzar OPTI1533
  10. If anyone is interested, I have a bunch of quality car audio stuff im looking to sell, or a Wii I may trade for a PS3. Leave msg or PM if interested. My 360 got its 4th RROD and im tired of dealing with it.