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  1. MazzaSECv.2

    WTB: Sundown 3500d (got paypal ready)

    How about a RD HW D9 for the same price basically
  2. MazzaSECv.2

    WTB: Nightshade 18, 15, or 12

    Ill sell 2 15" Nightshades for 600 shipped
  3. MazzaSECv.2

    WTB: 2 15" subs

    2 15" Nightshades D1 MINT
  4. MazzaSECv.2

    WTB: one huge sub

    15" Sundown Nightshade?
  5. MazzaSECv.2

    WTT: 3 15" Nightshades D1

    If interested what I see ill send ya a PM Right now I am looking for a SAZ1000d or a SAZ 100.4
  6. MazzaSECv.2

    WTB: Nightshade 18, 15, or 12

    I got 3 15" Nightshades D1 and a 10.5 cube box with 3 6" aeros that I am willing to sell. I am in GA maybe we could meet half way and you could take it all!
  7. I have 3 MINT 15" D1 Nightshades for sale that I am willing to trade I am looking for 1000 watt amps components SQ 15"s 4 channels small batteries
  8. Well I have came to a decision the SPL hobby part is WAYY to much of a hassle and I dont have much time to play around with it as much as I wanted to so I am giving it up I want to go with a decent SQ setup I will be sound deadening my whole explorer. I just want to simply go with a good 6.5 component set to go in the stock location on the door and possibly a single 15" or 18" sealed Any suggestions? I dont really wanna spend more then 150 on a set of components as for sub I can go up to like 300
  9. I am looking for a good 18" that would go good in a sealed box I listen to a good bit of hip hop and the occasional rock music! Downgrading and going for more of a SQ setup! Probably be on 1000-1500 watts
  10. MazzaSECv.2

    want to buy BIG AMP

    Rd hw d9? Mint
  11. MazzaSECv.2

    22" dub C.R.E.A.M. Floaters

    i Have A Huge Bonerrr!!
  12. MazzaSECv.2

    26's for sale- 2k

    lol 26"s on a explorer?