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  1. lol_j00_mad

    Bass Enhancer..

    who knew......
  2. lol_j00_mad

    few questions

    somone posted a pic of the manual on another site...here ya go http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e371/Tatsamaru/IMG00214-20090223-1605.jpg
  3. lol_j00_mad

    few questions

    you and all 15 of your active users are gonna help us all??? what a loser / spammer
  4. lol_j00_mad

    few questions

    thats 3000w total at 1ohm....just found the specs....does 950x2 @ 2ohms...so you are pushin about 1800w...give or take
  5. lol_j00_mad

    few questions

    whatever the amp does at 2 ohms
  6. lol_j00_mad

    Loudest wall evar

  7. lol_j00_mad

    RE SX vs. FI BL

    lots of initials flyin round ITT
  8. lol_j00_mad

    Were can I buy these

    ive seen them at parts stores (auto zone, Advance)...used to hold cell phones in place.....
  9. should say...owned bishes
  10. lol_j00_mad

    Exactly how much power can a BTL take daily?

    did dude ask about a fuqin nightshade....no...he asked about a btl......loser
  11. lol_j00_mad

    best car?

    bugatti veyron
  12. lol_j00_mad

    anyone running the 12" RE SEX?

    you talkin se or XXX??
  13. lol_j00_mad

    At what point do you say scam....

    well...its just a thought...but this whole deal is only 5 days old...2 of which were over the weekend...i wouldnt yell scam just yet...also just an dont buy from people with 40 post counts and a 60 day old account
  14. lol_j00_mad

    At what point do you say scam....

    link to thread?? was this guy a reputable seller??