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    Resurecting this sport
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    i like to promote this sport and turn the younger generation into the proper kind of basshead
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    denver, CO.
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    I own a boot and shoe repair buisness. I rebuild subs bringing em back from the dead. and i host shows. my league is SPLeague.
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    resurrecting this sport as i beat my system to the ground
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    166.2 on AC. 160.1 on TL 157streetbeat, Usaci state record holder in both spl and streetbeat
  1. sub-FATHER

    2011 SPLeague breakout season

    so SPLeague has been running all year in colorado. and here in 2011 we will have our point system set and all events open for the competitors to choose from. if you havnt even heard about the new competitive organization check it out over at Sound Pressure League
  2. id needs to be around 3.018. 3.ooo is too small. i need 2 of these asap thanks
  3. Sunday November 28th, Rain, snow or shine. we will have The Winter Beatdown location pending heres your last chance for the year to come smash your **** before the next year. there may be snow, rain, sleet we dont really give a **** to be honest because we have at least 15 people for sure verified to show up. the more the merrier. If you got some last minute either way we will be doing SPL and BASSCONTROL and Entry fee $30 SPL 0-2200 2200-3500 3500-5000 5000plus BASSCONTROL 129.9 139.9
  4. Looking for one superheavyweight motor...
  5. will you take 100 shipped on that motor?

  6. sub-FATHER


    So this will be the 1st annual October CASH SMASH, a 4 week event, the next 4 weeks we will be having 4 seperate shows at the Ultimate Electronics on 84th ave and i25. BASS CONTROLwill be 29.9 class and 39.9 class only. and 1st place takes home $$$$$$$Cash$$$$$$$ there will also be POWER verses POWER SPL. a 2x point event this will be WALL, NO wall and Trunk combined. This will be metered in all three Locations to determine your True "legal" SPL score. unless ---A.) 0 - 2500 (2 batt limit) or within 220ah. etc... ----B.) 2501 - 5000 (4 batt limit) -----C.) 5001- 10000 (8 batt limit) ------D.) 10001-16000 (12 batt limit) -------E.) 16000 + (unlimited batt limit) so here are the dates October 10th October 17th October 24TH October 30th will be a BASSCONTROL AND LOW END MONSTER EVENT. we will have a best holloween costume award, the woofer toss, and SUB bowling. Entry Fee will be $30 for the first event, and $40 for SPL and BASSCONTROL For Each additional event, the entry fee is $10.00 For those Competitors wanting to enter other events for Points, such as (TSPL) (PSPL) Low end monster or DTP. points will be carried over to next year. although no awards will be given for events not on this venue, ONLY POINTS.
  7. dude we need to start recruiting again here

  8. so here are a few of the subs i put together recently... the first EVER FULL DUST CAP FOR AN 18" sub
  9. so here is the beginning of the new build LOG. so here is a taste i have 4 custom 18in Konaki built by (R.I.P.) Enclosure is 30sqft, Port is 360cubic inches. tuned to 40hz 1 soundigital SD16kd (16000watts) 8 6.5" Mids (mb quart) 8 5.25" Mids (mb Quartz) 16 1" dome tweeters 2 Mb Quartz 4125 (1000watt) All in custom made Door Panels made by (R.I.P) 220 H/0 Alt 2 runs of 4/0 (not 4 gauge) from Alt to back 1 Kenetic 2400 up front 10 C&D 134Ah batts in back Loadlifter 5000 Airbag helpers in back
  10. so this guy owes me a Motor i paid for 2 months ago before i was banned on caco. never got it and wont, he wont answer email, and he wont send the money.
  11. sub-FATHER

    something new... SPLeague!

    so Spleague is going in full effect. the forum is up and is a place for all formats to come and post. we are not bias as to who the vendors are as comptition is the name of what we all do. but the actual SPLeague itself will be starting here in colorado as the mother chapter and run off into surround states and any and all who wants to adopt the events. for now check us out on Sound Pressure League
  12. You say I had 8" spiders in my post for sale and that there were 5" spiders in the bundle I sent you? The largest I advertised was 7.3 " <br />

    <br />

    http://www.caraudio.com/forum/car-audio-classifieds/486064-*****dd9500-g-motors-misc-cones-surrounds-spiders-oz-audio-12-sub*****.html<br />

    <br />

    I also stated that I had VARIOUS spiders for sale ....NOT 8" spiders for sale ?????

  13. I just thought it was time to post up some of the Events (coSPL) will provide for the competitors in the 2011 season. Colorado is the MOTHER CHAPTER for SPLeague (Sound Pressure League). The "Co" simply stands for Colorado. if other states join they can use their State abreviation. etc.... every state can carry and hold their own that follow the same rule guidlines. This will be Sponsored by AUDIOWRAP, and Presented by R.I.P. (rest in peace) BASSCONTROL 2 out of 3. head to head 30 sec average on music. 29.9, 39.9 49.9 59.9 PSPL (PureSPL) 1.)BOX class and (this is for the highest possible score from a box) 2.)VEHICLE class (this is for the concrete vehicles going for world record test tones only class) TSPL (TrueSPL) anywhere in front of the front seats, (looking for highest Possible score the vehicle can produce) (this will be a two score event. MUSIC and TONE) 1) Trunk 2.) NO Wall is seperated by two power classes. that is it. 3.) WALL .2 classes single sub wall - 2 18s, and multiple sub walls and up. DTP [(B]Disturbing the Peace)[/b] = loudest recorded score outside of the vehicle, 12 inches outside and center of window) (DTP) will be done at every show, and all scores will be recorded throughout the year, at the end of the year a HEAVYWEIGHT BELT will be handed out at finals for the one that is just flat out loud as FUK! (And this is a Music only event, 30 seconds full tilt) Finals will have a:1.) BATTLE of the TRUNKS. 2.) PORT SHOOT OUT 3.) a Contest to find the true LOW END MONSTERs, (Highest Spl at Lowest Possible Frequncy) 3 clases a.)single sub - 2 12s b.) 2 15s - 2 18s- 3 12s c.) 3 15s and up Every show there will be AWARDS for: 1.) LOW END MONSTER (highest spl at lowest number HZ) you will have 2 trys to come up and hit the lowest frequency possible and have the highest SPL. 2.) BEST INSTALL Finals will be held at Bandimere speedway, in Morrison Colorado In Sept 2011, on Labor day At finals there will be a BATTLE OF THE TRUNKS PORT SHOOTOUT LOW END MONSTER BEST INSTALL BEST SQ PSPL- (VEHICLE SPL) FINALS TSPL - FINALS DTP - (DISTURBING THE PEACE) FINALS BASSCONTROLL ( FOR ANY AND ALL!) Finals will be held at Bandimere speedway, in Morrison Colorado In Sept 2011, on Labor day so whats up?