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  1. travicles

    Looking for 1000W-1500W amp <$200

    I really appreciate the feedback. That caraudiobargain website is great! Actually, I think I talked him into doing (1) SA-10 ported with a 1000W amp. Probably will get B-stock on that website. I feel this is the better option. It will end up being much cheaper and will have less strain on the stock electrical system. Sorry to make a thread and go in a different direction. Now I need to settle on an amp, I am leaning towards the PPI P1000.1.
  2. travicles

    Looking for 1000W-1500W amp <$200

    It's been a while since I have looked at car audio. I still have an MB Quart DSC1500.1 from 6 or 7 years ago that's still kicking. Also have a Sundown audio amp that I got from a yard sale which is great. Looking for something dependable and affordable at a similar power. A friend of mine is getting a FI Q 12" sub, so I think a 1000W-1500W will be good for it on a stock electrical system. I found a Precision Power PPI P1000.1 for $150 which I like, but it may be worth it to just get a cheap 1500W amp with the gain set to 1000W. Please give me your suggestions.
  3. travicles

    I want to be louder

    Alright, well I guess I know what I have to do to get loud. I just don't know if I wanna go as far as taking my middle seat out. This is what ***** about having a regular cab truck lol thanks for the replies.
  4. travicles

    I want to be louder

    A blowthrough has been a dream of mine, but I don't think its going to happen. If I did that, I would also want to upgrade alternator, battery, amplifier, subs. It's just too much. And yes, I have considered taking my middle seat out. I think I could get a lot louder that way, but I would still like to avoid it. Well, now you have me thinking of it again... thanks haha ---------- Post added at 12:28 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:27 AM ---------- Don't have the room in my regular (single) cab truck
  5. travicles

    I want to be louder

    Right now, I have a 10" SSA Icon in a 1.5 ft^3 box @ 33 Hz on a MB Quart ONX1500.1D. It's nice, but like the title says, I want to be louder. Some stipulations are I have a regular cab truck and I want to keep everything behind the seats. This gives me a usable area of 8"x56"x13". Now, I was thinking of doing 2 SA-8's, but would it be worth it? So after considering that, I thought of fitting 2 SA-10's. I could put them in about 2 ft^3 @ 35 (I want to tune a bit higher than 33). This would be using 2 3" aeroports, which isn't optimal, but I just don't have a lot of room. So, would upgrading simply my subwoofer be worth it? Thank you for any feedback.
  6. travicles

    Single 12" for bmw

    The SSD is nice, but you don't need a FI BL on that power. I am not an expert on the HIFI amp, but I have a feeling they may be a bit overrated. So, I vote on an SA-12. Then, set your gains correctly.
  7. It is going to be hard to get a 10 as loud as your 15, but you can still get loud. I would really try fitting a 12. If you do a 10, I would try to fit it behind the seats, not in the center console. Here is my SSA Icon 10 in my regular cab chevy. It has low mounting depth which is perfect for behind the seat.
  8. travicles

    Sealed 12 or ported 10

    I put answers in bold. In the end, I gotta say that I still crave more bass, and I dream of doing a 4th order blowthrough, but that would take quite a bit of resources.
  9. Nice truck! Where are you putting the SA-8's? I assume you're doing a box in the middle, because I don't see how you can fit them behind without losing a lot of foot room. If you are somehow fitting all of them behind the seats, I am quite interested.
  10. travicles

    Sealed 12 or ported 10

    Yeah, I agree with gckless. I don't know how much you like bass, but I would try to squeeze out as much airspace as possible and consider doing a 12 or 2 10s or maybe even 2 8s. If you can fit 2 cubes, 2 SA-10s would be awesome.
  11. travicles

    Sealed 12 or ported 10

    My sub is facing forward into the passenger's seat and the port is side firing on the opposite side into the driver's side b-pillar. You don't want the sub and port on the same side, or at least, I don't think you do. I think some people say the sub is better behind the driver's seat w/ the port side firing into the passenger's b-pillar, but my configuration seems to work fine. Also, I don't know if you're making your box 1.62 cubic feet, but that is too big. I wouldn't go bigger than 1.5 ft^3. For port area, I think I have 14 square inches per cube, so I have 21 square inches total. To be honest, I would probably up the port area and tune to 35 if I could do it over again.
  12. travicles

    Sealed 12 or ported 10

    Definitely ported 10! XCON or FI Q both get the job done, and just set the gain to match their RMS. And I guess I will say what everyone else is saying.. don't tune that low. Here is my regular cab box tuned to 33:
  13. travicles

    Single Cab Bass??

    Awesome, I would love to know what you have in yours. As for me, I don't really have any pics or a build log, but I can pretty much tell you everything. My headunit is a Clarion Dxz785usb (yay time alignment). My amps which are both under the seats are just a MB Quart ONX4.125 and a MB Quart ONX1500.1. My speakers which are actively crossovered are Hybrid Imagines w/ the tweets in the pillars. And that's pretty much it; you have seen my substage. I am pretty happy with everything, but I want more bass of course...
  14. travicles

    Single Cab Bass??

    I would do what winkychevelle mentioned, if you want to stay sealed. I, however, would do 2 SA-8s ported or a beefy 10" ported. This is what I have in my regular cab right now:
  15. travicles

    Which sub should i buy?

    Well, you only have 2 kW of power, so most of the setups you listed would be overkill.