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  1. if u ask for the design to be sq orientated, he will design accordingly im still waiting for mine, been about 2 weeks...
  2. waseem

    wtf crazy i know

    hahahha what an insult "I BET YOUR MIDS CANT KEEP UP WITH YOUR SUBS"
  3. thnx guys, yea probably going to be painted my friend wants to do something like this but looks pretty hard lol he likes alpine a lot
  4. thanks guys continued pics sleeping on the job gangsta baffle chain i like glue basically done having a try of the new toilet yea i know the sub holes don't look good, it was my first time doing it so get off my back! now just got to sand everything down nicely, and wait for silicon to dry, hopefully it will actually work lol
  5. is it better to have the double baffle make the subs sit flush, or to have it like how u did it? btw great build
  6. farout nice as, apart from the double baffle, how else did you brace it?
  7. finally have started to build box for my 2 aarghs, about 4cuft at 35hz with about 72 sq inches of port. this is my first ever box build let alone first ever woodwork project that wasn't from school so not gonna be real clean. gonna be powered by 1500rms, so hopefully will sound good in the end. it will be braced with 45s in each corner, will have lengths of pine to brace top to bottom and front to back and will be double baffled. The subs will be firing up and the port will be firing back because the car is a wagon. For the double baffle, is it better to have the driver screwed into the first board of the baffle and then the next board of the baffle around the sub so that it is flush, or just cut the holes for the sub the same size on both boards of the baffle and screw in so that it is not flush. Is one way stronger than the other? (probably a stupid question right?) heres the pics so far cutting it up
  8. does it really make much difference tho? cos in winisd it doesn't show much, ill have a look if i have 4cuft in my boot also they will be going into a wagon type car, so do you guys have any suggestions on where to fire the subs/ports? should they fire on an angle or something?
  9. BUMP would jst like to know if its orite, so that i can go ahead and build
  10. hi, i am going to be building a box for 2 12" type rs, it has a net volume of 3.112cuft and is tuned to 32.5hz. It is a slot ported box with the port area being 5" x 12.5" with a vent length of 44.5". the box is shown below. winisd shows that port noise does not occur. is this a good box? people say to use 2cuft per sub for type rs, but it doesnt make much difference in output (1db difference and .5mm more excursion), so is my volume orite? the subs will be powered by a 1500rms amp thnx for the help
  11. waseem

    alpine IDA-X305

    i think u have to upgrade the ipods firmware, says here http://www.alpine.com.au/support/product.asp