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  1. nateberrier

    Treo Engineering gear...

    I would be interested in trading someone my Audison SR4 for a Treo 4 channel.
  2. nateberrier

    Treo Engineering gear...

    Ive never once seen Treo stuff go for what it was worth. Always stupid cheap because people arent familiar with the name.
  3. nateberrier

    RARE Treo SSX 3 way comp set

    Would you be interested in an Audison SR4 as a partial trade?
  4. nateberrier

    German Maestro Status SV6509 6.5" Set

    DAMNIT. I just got a 2000 accord I also just got paid
  5. nateberrier

    German Maestro Status SV6509 6.5" Set

    Would you throw in the Accord A pillars :P
  6. nateberrier

    Dynaudio MW160 mids

    Y u no post pictures?!
  7. nateberrier

    German Maestro Status SV6509 6.5" Set

    Oh I want these, but I am not sure if I want to spend the cash yet. I think you having purchased them speaks for the quality alone.
  8. nateberrier

    RARE Treo SSX 3 way comp set

  9. nateberrier

    Pioneer DEH-880PRS

    I wish you would have posted this a few weeks ago. I have a CD7100 and I cannot stand it
  10. nateberrier

    Eclipse 7100 woes

    I just got this head unit and it works fine, but it sure as hell is not intuitive. I need to figure out how to get more than three letters of each song to show up on usb. There is a popping noise out of my tweeters on USB. It defaults to CD when I turn it on maybe one of you has an IPC module? I hate how much of a pita this thing is, but it sounds a lot better than my 9887....
  11. nateberrier

    1500ish @ 1ohm.

    Audio Poop 1500 is cheapsies
  12. nateberrier

    Focal Polyglass 165VR Midbass

    AYe BRUH. THEM SUM SIK MIDS. If I get my deck sold this week, Ill buy dem off you
  13. nateberrier

    surfbord/oversized amps

    You should look at the Audio Technix / CT Sounds 7k Coleman is adorbz
  14. nateberrier

    Pioneer DEH-80PRS

    I thought about doing 4 way, but I dont know if I want to put the effort in anymore. Thinking about going back to school. Just kinda want to get something with more features than the 9887. Unfortunately 3way options are hard to come by these days. Finally decided on giving up XM in favor of all dem USB options.