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  1. Total bs. Sub efficiency ratings are only usable for sealed box applications. Ported will change it completely. Also typical high efficiency subs in a sealed box will peak a lot higher than a low efficiency sub that does better on lower frequency. If he is looking for low 20hz region, a high efficiency sub in a sealed box will not provide him with much in this area. Thats why its an overlooked spec. You need to look at all the specs and make an educated decision.
  2. 15x15x32 will not fit any sub larger than a 12 as most 15's are slightly larger than 15 inches and an 18 will never fit on any side. If you run 15x15x38 you can get 3.8cu before any displacement. This could run a good ported 12 or pair of 10's. Id personally go with the 10's. You get more cone cone area more motor strength and more coil area for heat displacement. A properly designed ported box will sound amazing once you figure out what subs you want to go with. Now you need to pick a budget. You need to figure in amp and electrical to the budget. 1200-1500w max before real electrical upgrades are needed. 1000w is a safe power if you just want wiring.
  3. dbjunior

    crossife c7 amps

    Decent amps. Maybe you can get a package deal on multiple amps. Just make sure they all work.
  4. Forget size and quantity of subs for a second. Measure the area you are willing to utilize for subs HxWxD we can then calculate the volume you have available and determine whay will work in that area. 2-18's vs 3-10's is a big difference in box volume.
  5. dbjunior


    Not a lot of opinions on this sub
  6. dbjunior


    Juat wondering what people's thoughts are on the fi omega. Ive emailed them a few times about the team v2 and found out they will be offering a 4th friendly version of the omega soon. Plan on running 4 18's on 4 taramps 8k's. Currently running 4 3 in coil subs on 2 taramps 8k's. The motor strength of my current subs is a little low as the gap is ment for an 8layer and in order for it to be a good forth sub i had to build with a 4 layer. The team subs have a lot more motor force and are 4th friendly but they recommend the cooling option for the power i planned to run. They said it slightly reduces motor strength that could result in a slightly reduced score but better for demos. I asked if the omega could be built for a 4th and they said it was already in the works. Should have more motor strength than the team and better cooling.
  7. dbjunior

    Increase Alt Idle output?

    You have notches on the tensioner. One at no pressure and one at max pressure. You have an indicator on the tensioner arm should be in the middle of the two marks if its only 1/4 of the way away from least tension its to loose. But black residue from belt slip on the alts is tge easiest way to tell if your belt is slipping.
  8. dbjunior

    best deck pre-2000

    Eclipse 7200
  9. Hell yeah time to make noise.
  10. dbjunior

    Looking for red or shiny speakers

    Have him contact psi on fixmyspeaker.com they make there own sub lines and can custom color just about all of it. You will get a quality product and it will be colorful. The cone the cap, basket and spider can all be colored for you.
  11. dbjunior

    4 8’s in a Tahoe

    3.5cu total or after all displacement? Going to be tuff filling that cabin with very little cone area. I would try and squeeze a quality 15 in with like 2k. Dc xl like small ported but will need 3.5 after displacement. Are you trying to put it behind 3rd row and still have room for groceries?
  12. dbjunior

    DS18 Hooligan 12" v1

    Yeah id love to see real tsp's on these subs. Theres a few companys ive seen with tsp's that are not even close to what they post.
  13. dbjunior

    Wiring dual alts

    Just get a new 2 pin plug and wire it in parallel to the factory plug. I cut the plug off my 04 blazer and wired it with the factory on my 03 yukon to run dual alts.
  14. Teach me more. I thought all those cheap odb2 units where read only.
  15. dbjunior

    What is the equivalent of PRS80 in double din ?

    I have the 80 and im not a huge fan. It has some great features but the 5v preouts are a lie. Its really half that unless you put on some stupid feature that adjusts output based on ambient noise or some crap. It wont reach full output parked with the feature on though so good luck setting gains. I also have the 880 that i liked better but no bluetooth.