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  1. Set it and super glue the joints. If that doesnt work nothing will
  2. dbjunior

    Hello!! Can't make up my mind on which 18" get, 8((

    I just bought 2 fi omegas and will be buying 2 more. The nsv4 is a beast sub but it is still only a 3in coil sub. If you want a sub to take 5k all day long and have no issues a 4in coil is a must. The sundown teams are beast but very pricey. The fi team 4 is nice but the omega is better and still cheaper than a sundown team. It is also completely made in the usa. Not just assembled like sundown. Both use american made coils from the same company though.
  3. dbjunior

    How long will it last?

    Should handle a 1ohm 5 sec burp no problem. I had 2 kicker comp10's i think rated at 250rms each. On an atomic 5k wired at 2ohm lowest i could go they where single 4ohm. I could get a long 30sec burp before they got stinky. Would do a 144+ in a 4dr blazer. After i rebuilt my good 10's i threw them in same box wired to .5ohm and i could do a 148.
  4. dbjunior

    More local pawn shop finds

    Looks like the newer version still a normal cone but a flat dustcap.
  5. dbjunior

    Is this Enclosure Decent for What I Just Bought?

    This box actually doesn't look bad for the sub assuming its specs are correct. Comp r subs dont benefit from large amounts of port. They have limited excursion and weak motors. The box above has similar port area to the box you listed but internal volume is larger and port length is noticeably longer yet tuning difference is only 1hz. If i where to guess the crutchfield box has an in accurate description and is actually tuned much higher. Also forget building a box to factory spec. Most large brands kicker alpine etc. suggest slightly small boxes tuned high to make you think your subs are loud by giving a peak around 45 and sacrificing low end. You might not need to play down to 25hz with authority but low 30's should have solid output for most music.
  6. dbjunior

    Sq hds312 sq1250 clipping

    Its probably the ssf and lpf both being set at the same frequency. How is the sub clipping? Amps clip, subs just do what they are told.
  7. dbjunior

    Sq hds312 sq1250 clipping

    Turn the ssf down to about 30hz and raise your lpf to 60hz. Right now you have no bandwith. Drop your gain all the way down and turn your head unit volume up to max listening slowly raise gain while playing music. If the bass starts to change sound not just get louder turn it down a little. A new box would have been a better investment over the amp. Custom built for your sub and vehicle.
  8. dbjunior

    2 ct sounds meso 8s vs 4 skar ma 8s

    How much space do you have for a box? Are you firm on 8's?
  9. dbjunior

    SSA Icon 12" vs. Fi SSD 12"

    This is where your box designs come into play. You could increase the box size of the ssa and get a much closer response or what i would do lower the tuning of the fi to 30 it will flatten the peak and extend your overall response.
  10. dbjunior

    Most Efficient Amp Ever? Brutal Sounds BS5.1

    Does anyone notice its a dual input amp and he is only clamping half of it. You need to clamp both wires to be accurate. Most likely all readings on the amp clamp are double. Thats 480amps at 13.79 to make 4890 73% efficiency still good but not magic.
  11. How much did you pay per cell and how many did you have to buy.
  12. Total bs. Sub efficiency ratings are only usable for sealed box applications. Ported will change it completely. Also typical high efficiency subs in a sealed box will peak a lot higher than a low efficiency sub that does better on lower frequency. If he is looking for low 20hz region, a high efficiency sub in a sealed box will not provide him with much in this area. Thats why its an overlooked spec. You need to look at all the specs and make an educated decision.
  13. 15x15x32 will not fit any sub larger than a 12 as most 15's are slightly larger than 15 inches and an 18 will never fit on any side. If you run 15x15x38 you can get 3.8cu before any displacement. This could run a good ported 12 or pair of 10's. Id personally go with the 10's. You get more cone cone area more motor strength and more coil area for heat displacement. A properly designed ported box will sound amazing once you figure out what subs you want to go with. Now you need to pick a budget. You need to figure in amp and electrical to the budget. 1200-1500w max before real electrical upgrades are needed. 1000w is a safe power if you just want wiring.
  14. dbjunior

    crossife c7 amps

    Decent amps. Maybe you can get a package deal on multiple amps. Just make sure they all work.
  15. Forget size and quantity of subs for a second. Measure the area you are willing to utilize for subs HxWxD we can then calculate the volume you have available and determine whay will work in that area. 2-18's vs 3-10's is a big difference in box volume.