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  1. winkychevelle

    Silverado double 12in subwoofer seat box

    The SSA icon will prolly be a better all around subs on 12-1500w than the soundqubed hdx That said the sundown da series is very nice for their power class. They can get quite loud and can sound very good. But you arent going to continuously push over 1kw yo it and have it last. Head room sure but actually using 1kw will heat the coils. Get 2 designs made up one for the sa and one for the icon then split the difference and model both subs in the middle ground enclosure. I'm betting on a middle ground enclosure you wont lose much with either Sub and you can run the sa you have now and upgrade later
  2. winkychevelle

    Gain problems?

    Check you wiring and make sure your subs arent out of phase
  3. winkychevelle

    Gain problems?

    What frequency test tone are you using? It is possible that the frequency you are using causes an unloading issue with your current box design. Especially if it is below the actual tuned frequency of the box
  4. winkychevelle

    1 12W7AE Vs 2 Fosgate T1 12s

    Out of those 2 the Rockford setup will be louder. Get a good custom ported design and they will should just as good and be much louder
  5. winkychevelle

    Ultra caps or lithium?

    This has been my understandingsince my voltage issue isnt severe
  6. winkychevelle

    Ultra caps or lithium?

    It's just a pair of pdr-m65s and a pdr-f50 Not alot of amp draw it's just the stupid surge draw. I dont think lithium will do anything for me and a ho alt prolly wont either since the truck regulates voltage quite poorly. Adding a secondary alt with a standalone voltage regulator is a future upgrade after I add my air setup, and winch Led lights need to be ordered thats been on the to buy list for a while just forget about it once i get online to buy things
  7. As the title states I'm a bit lost on the best way to solve my problem. Maybe not, but a second opinion would be nice As it stands my truck has 2 80ah agms under the hood and a 200a alt. My total system fusing is 190amps so including the truck I'm slightly over the alt capacity. My issue is simple, I have light dimming. Nothing severe, and on long notes I dont drop voltage more than .4v It just bugs me that on faster kick bass my truck pulsates slightly Already did the big 3 and power wire is 1/0 Whether batt or cap, either would be mounted in my truck took box with one 1/0 cable going back to my distribution block and common ground location. Lithium doesn't seem to be the best answer because I'm not drawing alot of power over time. But could a 500farad ultra cap or 2 keep up?
  8. winkychevelle

    Old School Roll Call

    Hang, bang, and rattle The forum is still slow but we still lurk
  9. winkychevelle

    Kicker L7 magnet shifted

    You dont. If it is new enough call kicker for warranty work otherwise buy a new sub
  10. winkychevelle

    Alpine Type X vs Type R 6.5" Component

    This big advantage to the type x components is the tweeters. Are they worth more money that's up to you. I personally wouldnt run rear speakers and would run whatever components I had active off individual channels of the amp with proper crossovers
  11. winkychevelle

    SQ Subwoofers

    The ultimax is rated a touch less because even though it has more excursion it requires a larger box to use the excursion. In turn this lowers the mechanical power handling The ho is a small box sub. The small box suspension is nice but it requires more power in the small enclosure to reach full excursion The hss is a lower excursion sub iirc and requires less power over all to reach mechanical limits Honestly I'd throw 800-1000w to either the ho or the ultimax assuming it is cleaning power and you have the proper enclosure to keep the sub from unloading. The hss I'd run 500-750w with clean power and taking care to not bottom the sub out
  12. winkychevelle

    Build suggestions

    No where near enough capacity to keep up with the high amperage draw. You literally drain the capacitor in milliseconds. It's fine for a system that is only ramping highs and no bass but the big bass draws just drain the capacitor way too fast. After its drained it's just something else for the alt to charge. Now ultra capacitors are a different story most 6cell banks of those are 500farad not 2 farad You are much better investing in a large alternator and a decent sized agm placed right next to the amp.
  13. winkychevelle

    How's Digital Designs doing in 2018?

    220 vehicles out of the over 300million population isnt ab amazing number even if we take 2/3s out as kids and other none auto owners that still leaves 100million just not touching audio. I have no doubt that the competition scene will continue to grow with social media growing as such but that just means you are connecting bassheads not creating new ones I hope the industry continues to grow. They are pioneering lithium batteries in everyday use, expanding ultra capacitor use, and further pushing the acoustically engineering aspect.
  14. winkychevelle

    SQ Subwoofers

    Straight up the jl w6 are hard to beat for a clean sq system But any of those subs will work well. I'd throw a Dayton ho in there, as well as the alpine type s, and the incriminator audio flatlyne. For the money the alpine type s sound extremely good
  15. winkychevelle

    How's Digital Designs doing in 2018?

    It seems to me that the caraudio industry as a whole has hit a slump kinda like the mid to late 90s. Sure there is innovation, and sure audio is still selling, but the newest generation isnt so big into it. Uptight parents worried about noise tickets, alot of common music is crap right now too