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  1. Try and see if the high frequency RCA cause whine on the 2 channel if they dont try the sub rca on the 4channel if the noise is there on the 4 channel the headunit is producing it, if the noise is there using the hi amp rca on the bass amp it's the amp Is the whine coming from all speakers or just the sub amp
  2. winkychevelle

    Lithium power for cheap

    I was looking at the Ebay ones. I dont need speed, I need capacity. Drawing 400amps with a winch my 2 80ah agms dont like it much. I'll eventually get a ho alt but I dont really use much power continuously. I'm only running 120amps worth of subs and 50amp on highs. Factory alt is a 220amp so I dont drop much
  3. winkychevelle

    do i need good speakers for a sub?

    None do. Not realistically. You can buy the boost pack mini amps that can fit in the dash though. Really for what you want a simple sub, amp, box should suffice. Dont go too cheap on the hi/lo converter. The cheap ones often fail. But you dont need a $200 either
  4. winkychevelle


    Bout the only thing those caps are good for is cleaning up noise on the high amps. Which isn't really needed nowadays. They do work well on headlight circuits to stop dimming but no body install them to do that correctly
  5. winkychevelle

    Lithium power for cheap

    To use 18650s you would need a 14v charging system that could charge to 15v otherwise you would under charge then and waste potential. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are 12v rated and charge well at 14.4v You can find some on Ebay but who knows exactly how well they will work in an audio system. Should work well. I'm tempted to get a pair of the 110ah to put in my tool box as extra energy for a winch and invertor
  6. winkychevelle

    drop HZ on a box?

    If you extended the port out away from the box you can lower the tuning. If you cut the flange and slid the flsnge down the port it would increase internal volume while lowering tuning frequency. Without doing the math you might could flip the port around to be totally external but I believe that would tune it way low into the 20s but I'm not doing the math
  7. winkychevelle

    Orion HCCA tho...

    You know what I meant. You wouldnt go out and buy a 2500w SPL amp to push a pair of 500-750w sq based subs. Even on the larger sq subs like the alpine type x, jl w7, fi q, idmax, and so on most would choose other options
  8. winkychevelle

    Orion HCCA tho...

    Who cares? It didn't do that on the sinewave which is the only place that much power is needed in compitition. People go googoo for power but it's not necessary. Dynamic headroom is great for sq but who is going to use this as a sq amp?
  9. winkychevelle

    6.5 midrange recs

    Silverflutes. 30bucks each on madisound I believe. To cheap not to try If not that the exodus ancharcy mids are quite nice but more expensive
  10. winkychevelle

    Component Speaker RMS???

    You can run 50w split, but honestly I would set your mids to 100w rms using the scope to keep it clean and then fade the tweeters in using the scope to make sure the signal stays clean. Tweeters dont use much power and when they do receive power it's literally for microseconds and the coils dont usually burn fast. Just sets your crossovers fir the tweeters ar 2600hz or higher and play it by ear. As long as the signal is clean and you aren't playing test tones continuously you should be fine. My Memphis components are seeing 80w per tweet and 150w per mid and I typically run out of sub before I run out of highs
  11. winkychevelle

    Fi audio, experience anybody?

    Quality subs if run clean power in the proper box they will last a long time
  12. Old pioneer radios used to do this if you unplugged the radio rca while the radio had power If the line out converter has a ground wire, ground it there. You can also take a short wire from your amp ground and touch it to the outside barrel of the rca or the rca ground. That should get rid of any noise but is not the best solution. Which hi/low convertor did you use? Cheap ones often fail
  13. winkychevelle

    2011 Silverado, need sub suggestion

    Remount the sub. If it is leaking you have an issue.
  14. winkychevelle

    How to make speakers sound good outside of truck?

    It was fairly common to mount marine speakers behind bumpers when I last worked at a sound shop. Put them on a small separate amp with a switch on the remote wire and you had tailgate music whenever you flipped the switch. Just gotta be careful when running the system for too long with the car off. A solution for that would be a separate battery with an insulator connected only to the system. That way the system sees power when the car is on or off but the system wont draw from the main cranking battery when the ignition is off
  15. winkychevelle

    2011 Silverado, need sub suggestion

    Are you absolutely sure the enclosure is sealed and solid since you modified it? A leaky box can cause problems as well. We used to see this from time to time when people would try and use press in friction fit terminals