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  1. winkychevelle

    Digging jbl sub tuned to 42 hz

    By the way take off for a short radius elbow is 1.5×diameter Multiply by 2 to get the length of the elbow down the center.
  2. winkychevelle

    Please make this less painful then it has to be

    You need a bigger box or a smaller sub
  3. winkychevelle

    Jl 1000/1 keeps blowing up subs

    If the shop is reputable, and it blew the subs on their settings the subs are on them unless they can prove the amp is bad. You can have them ship the amp back to jl and they will put a new board in the amp eliminating the amp as the potential problem My question is where is the gain knob set when this happens and where is the bass boost? Are you using bass boost on the radio?
  4. winkychevelle

    2014 silverado dual sa 10s

    http://www.lmiwelding.com/kitgenmotor.htm Seat lift kit is pricey though. I have 2 13tw5s under my seat and they do ok sealed but even so I'm wanting more myself
  5. winkychevelle

    1991gmc 1500 singel cab build

    I just hope he used a fuse. The box prolly wont last long, unless the amp vibrates to death first
  6. winkychevelle

    Sub to replace SSSA XCON?

    Good luck sounds like you simply had a glue joint break on the first rattling sub and tinsle lead breakage is usually from running the sub well below the boxes running causing the sub to essentially be in free air by syncing up with the air in the port otherwise known as unloading This can happen to one sub and not the other simple by which one is closer to the port
  7. I would suggest a larger amp at least 2kw on those two subs. Combined with a large battery mounted as near as possible to the amp. Anything over 1500w should have 1/0awg or 0awg wire running from the alternator to the primary battery and then to the secondary battery then the largest possible wire to the amp. The only capacitors worth anything are ultra capacitors which can help in conjunction with a large enough battery reserve. I like 100ah per 1500w or more As said before clipping can occur with any sub/amp setup. Whether the amp is 10w or 10000w a dirty signal will always kill a sub. Research the big 3 and do it to your vehicle. It's cheap relatively compared to the cost of batteries and will likely help your voltage drop with what you have now. Ofc copper wire is as good as gold compared to the cheap cca wire Box specs and box design make more difference in subwoofer output then the sub itself. Grant you are using similar power setups You also can vent the rear deck to let more bass flow to the cabin of the car instead of getting trapped in the trunk
  8. Poly fill does nothing but slightly absorb or rather diffuse the rear wave of the sub. This results in a cleaner sound which in return sounds similar to a larger box. A better product that works much better is fiberglass insulation. Different subs would be the solution or just try the subs you got worst case they sound bad and you can change them later
  9. Where are you finding 10 for 550?
  10. winkychevelle

    15 Recommendation

    Aero ports typically can get away with half the port area of a slot design so I'd say your good. The only subs I'd see problems with are the super high excursion ones
  11. winkychevelle

    American Bass subs?

    Both of those will get loud but the xfl will typically sound better from my experience. American is based on spl designs. They can sound good but they are not designed to be sound quality competition subs
  12. winkychevelle

    Looking to downsize from 2 Type R 15s

    With your measurements you are running roughly 5 cubic feet of airspace How much space are you willing to give up? 1 15 can be easily put in 3-3.5cubic feet ported. 1 12 is usually pretty comfortable in 2-2.5cubes 2 10s 2.5-3cubes If you want low notes tune the port to a low frequency. This often hurts overall loudness but it often sounds better. Get a custom box designed from buck or shredder
  13. winkychevelle

    Looking to downsize from 2 Type R 15s

    I guess people are missing the fact that the current box almost didnt fit and the op wants space back. What are the exterior dimensions of the current box? Multiple lengths×width×height then divide by 1728 and tell us that number. This will give use the gross volume of the sub box you currently have as well as an idea of the airspace you have. Then tell us how much smaller you want to go on box size.
  14. Long story short I bought a pioneer rear camera and mounted it to the front of my truck. It is wired to the aux input of my pioneer avh-x2800bhs. Current problem i have is the image is mirrored. Where left is right and right is left. Is there an external module I could put on the video feed to solve this or a good front facing camera reccomendation. I've seen some complex camera switcher that offer this feature but I really dont need all the inputs for just 3 cameras I already have 1 camera switcher for my 2 rear cameras
  15. You can splice the subwoofer 1 left 1 right to the rear left and right radio outputs this should assuming the common 4 ohm speaker impedance bring the ohm load down to 2ohms which should be safe for the radio. That said a small dedicated amplifier would prolly br the more proper way to do it