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  1. winkychevelle

    need to replace my busted rsd10

    Alpine type s the new one will work very well for what you want. The Memphis bass reference and power reference subs will work well too
  2. winkychevelle

    Which Subwoofer

    As much as I think jl as overpriced the 10w6 is a phenomenal sub I would look at the SSA dcon as well as the infinity kappa perfect The Memphis c3 works well too
  3. winkychevelle

    Upgrading Subs / Two 10" HCCA vs Two 12" T1S1

    If you want lows with a good bit of volume the jl audio 13tw5 and 12tw5 are hard to beat at least is shallow mount sealed boxes. I dropped my 13tw5 in .8 cubes each running off of 5-600w each and they dig down nicely. It's no competition system but it gets plenty loud. I've yet to try the Rockford t1 shallows but knowing Rockford, the suspension is tight and they will want a larger box to dig low. You have the room if that's the route you want to go. And no dont put the hcca subs sealed that would be plain stupid
  4. winkychevelle

    Budget 12" SQ Subwoofer

    There's no way I would shove a 12 in a box that small. .8cubes will allow the sub to dig deeper while only losing a little power handling. The jl sig you have will work is a similar sized box as well. And as others have said building a proper box for the jl sig you have will completely change how it sounds
  5. Intake systems on older cars aren't too bad. Newer ones like my cruze diesel have literally 8ft of piping before getting to the throttle body. That on top of the reaonators. On you little v6 I doubt you see any real gain in power without going to forced induction. Just keep the fuel and air filters clean, and use a synthetic or synthetic blend oil and you will have great performance out of your engine. Just be wary that full synthetic oils will typically seep through old gaskets and seals more than regular oils. That's not saying you have a leak but the molecules are so small they seep once the engine gets hot and the metals expand
  6. Definitely not a fan of kicker, or kenwood Skar audio I wont touch, or tantric, or ct sounds While I'm no fan of jl I wont argue they make a good product and i run them if i think they are the best i can do like in my duramax now
  7. winkychevelle

    18' Silverado build 2.0

    My rear wall for ideas
  8. winkychevelle

    18' Silverado build 2.0

    You might want to pack the cab corners with foam or denim since you cut the factory layer. Alot ov noise comes from those vents that are there
  9. winkychevelle

    Need Some Advice From My JL Audio Fans Out There...!!

    That morel ultimo is a great sub, the pioneer stage 4 10 is another really good one though they are harder to find since they stopped making it. The incriminator audio flatlyne is another good one as us the Dayton ho and hss lines. The image dynamics IDMAX is a good one as is the arc audio black line Bottom line is they're many different subs that fit into the same role you are wanting. Me personally I'd love to run a pair of pioneer stage 4 10s in a larger sealed box with about 1200w available My 13tw5-3s in my truck sound great and dig deep but tbh the kicker comp 10s I had in my 07 extended cab dug just as deep and were just as clean. They weren't as loud but they held up to 4x rms flr 6months before i changed systems and they were still in good shape. Bottom line if you pick a sound quality based driver and put it in the proper enclosure you will have good luck. The problem is almost every prefab is wrong for 90% of subs. Sometimes you get lucky but 90% of the time the box is too small or the port is tuned too high
  10. winkychevelle

    shallow sub

    Doesn't really matter it's a European motor so it comes with European repair prices but it's not that terrible
  11. winkychevelle

    shallow sub

    It's an Italian designed VM motori The delete tunes available have been real good from all I've seen. And the transmission has held up to the extra 30hp and 70ftlb quite well. Beyond that the fuel pump starts to limit things. On my duramax I want to swap the cp4 for a cp4 before deleting it and add a lift pump. I've already blown 1 cp4 injection pump and that was with regular semi spirited driving. It was under warranty thankfully since that was a 10k fix
  12. winkychevelle

    shallow sub

    Considering the cruze engine is built in Germany I doubt it's much different. Just the timing belt was 1500 to replace. The block itself is 8k. But it has been reliable other than the emissions sensors and def system. So if I delete the emissions system the car should become 100% reliable
  13. winkychevelle

    shallow sub

    My 2014 chevy cruze has a diesel engine. The diesel engine has a def tank in the spare tire area In order to remove the tank I have to remove the emissions control system and retune the ECU After that I can pull the tank and build a box in the spare tire well. I have a baby now so I dont want to give up trunk space
  14. winkychevelle

    shallow sub

    Yea my 2014 cruze diesel has a butt load of emmisions in the tailpipe. I hate the emissions system but its costly to replace and is currently reliable unlike its past history. That said it will be removed soon.
  15. winkychevelle

    shallow sub

    I suppose once my cruze gets deleted and I remove the def tank I'll prolly run a few shallow mounts in the spare tire well