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  1. disturbed471985

    Bnib Brutal sounds 2.1

    Non taken. You would of had no idea. Its kinda helps as it keeps him alive in mind.
  2. disturbed471985

    Bnib Brutal sounds 2.1

    My son was named after him and has passed away. Amps sold
  3. disturbed471985

    Wolfram W-1500.1 And w-125.4

    Ill take the 1500 for 160. Could have bought direct on labor sale for 194 to door.
  4. disturbed471985

    Bnib Brutal sounds 2.1

    Ty sir really wanted to give it a go but after some math box, dual 8s or 10s amp, extra batt, wires added way to much to my Shelby so I made stupid mistake and now gonna lose solid 100+ on this amp.
  5. disturbed471985

    Wtb trf,tc 5200 motors

    5200 - 350 bucks has QCA. Dnt need to sell so I'm firm
  6. disturbed471985

    Bnib Brutal sounds 2.1

    Bought 2 weeks ago to go in my gt500. Decided to not put system in car so dnt need amp. Never been out plastic till pic. 250 plus shipping rd 25 bucks
  7. disturbed471985

    FS: Skar Audio EVL 15 D2

    Size of box required?
  8. disturbed471985

    RE 10” 2000 watt subs (2) in original boxes

    Need pics I'll take the one with new surround an maybe other pending pics. I'd do 300 both or 150 if just 1
  9. disturbed471985

    4 juice box g31 batts

    Or you will do?? Batt sitting in garage collecting dust or 70ish in pocket? My logic behind offer. Definition of dumping is to hurt ones sell not make an offer. Just lil knowledge for ya
  10. disturbed471985

    4 juice box g31 batts

    Yep I can read but can you sell??? 140 was ur asking which means nothing. Only worth what ones willing to pay. Made offer. Simple no works but had to respond sounding prickish which is cool its who u are. That said GL with sale.
  11. title says it all. As for sub nothing lesser quality them skar. Korean amp only. fuse blocks, fuses, 1/0awg wire, terminals, 13ft min rca's. single groups 31 batt or min 100ah in any group.
  12. disturbed471985

    Looking for a beefy 10

    still got?
  13. price on 1 fuse block and 1 fuse 8 0awg lugs
  14. disturbed471985

    4 juice box g31 batts

    ill offer 120 shipped for 1