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  1. Seriously, how.much will it take for you to come off this thing, ill come pick it up tomorrow or tuesday. I don't know why your trying to mess around on craigslist. I have the money ready, in my
  2. please contact me immediately cash in hand! 330 671 3522
  3. NEED an sq unit. 3way capable is really preferred (i dont like active crossovers =/ ) pioneer 880. or 800. eclipse cd 7000, 7100, or 7200mkii ( possibly a cd5000?) a nice alpine?! cash on hand, budget is dependent on unit. must be of decent cosmetic condition
  4. tristanmay

    How old is everybody?

    im 17:D
  5. tristanmay

    Need something chopped and/or screwed hit me up

    you know it boss! will do here in the next few days or sumn
  6. tristanmay

    Need something chopped and/or screwed hit me up

    this guy's a monster. you should have to pay to speak of him - let alone to him! i would love the chance to run somthing produced by phill! ha ill take a few tracks. ill hit you up when i put my list together!
  7. tristanmay

    kicker solo x subs

    good luck, hope you find some. try craigslist, theres always some BAM's on there. people are stupid and clip the hell outta them. i love my pair!
  8. 1 run of 1/0 to a AB 1000.1 over 1400 AH's worth of juice in the rear bank though
  9. well i dont have any pics of the box on this computer, ill get some tomorrow hopefully but heres some of the amp rack and batterys =)
  10. i have 2 solo x 18's off an AB 1000.1 in an 02 escalade, tuned to 27. sub up port back ill have to post up pics of how its set up but the escalade's a 2 seater well anyways im having a problem with MAJOR pressure escaping out the rear window on the hatch (it lifts up on its own like other large suv's) i need some ideas on how to keep this thing from flexin!?
  11. hey, sorry iv been taking so long to get back to you!<br />

    ill have a deffient answer and cash tonight if im looking to get it.<br />

    <br />


  12. your pm box is still full so I have to post my msgs here.<br />

    <br />

    going full IA setup so nothing is really needed at the moment apart from a termlab.<br />

    <br />

    lowest I could go on it is 385 shipped if payment is sent as a gift.<br />

    <br />

    I have a literal TON of refs if any are needed as well. Done business with most everyone on this site at one time or another.<br />

    <br />

    Just let me know.

  13. hey man, sorry my phones been acting up.<br />

    i wanted to know if you'd be interested in my custom sundown 18 for partial trade?<br />

    or my PPI sedona 5001qx. does "700"x1 @4 ohm (2 feet long)<br />

    <br />

    or lowest price shipped to 44281?

  14. tried to call ya twice man, can't get ahold of you. What did you need to know exactly?

  15. tristanmay

    can you name this motor?

    send it to my buddy phill, have him pull t/s specs~!