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  1. 350zkid

    crescendo symphony s550/2

  2. I have these subs in .95 cubes sealed each temporarily on 300w rms to the pair and they get off very well. They're optimized for sealed.
  3. Anyone have a class d 4 channel wanting to trade?
  4. 350zkid

    6.5 sub

    Sorry OP, didn't mean to threadjack. Hmm!
  5. 350zkid

    6.5 sub

    Sealed? How does it sound? loads well in a single cab? Got a pair of SD10's that I wouldnt mind using sealed. I'm a ported guy...
  6. 350zkid

    6.5 sub

    Which seats does he have? I've seen everything from sealed 10's, 12s to a 15. Ported 6.5s, 8s, 10 and a 12. Depends on the seats and how much room you're willing to sacrifice.
  7. 350zkid

    6.5 sub

  8. 350zkid

    6.5 sub

    Nothing now. Planning for a 10 per door with a tweet getting about 300w per door. I have a 10" AA sub, (2) sundown sd10's laying around but i'm very interested in trying smaller subs for this setup. I prefer to ride in the work truck than my daily car honestly. simple, paid for, rugged, ect...
  9. 350zkid

    6.5 sub

    Thats the plan because this is a daily little work truck. I need as much usable space as possible .
  10. 350zkid

    6.5 sub

    Yep, have a few ideas as well. What do you have? Center console kinda ***** because it's think between the seats but usable..
  11. 350zkid

    6.5 sub

    Pics? Need ideas for my single cab s10, if you dont mind.
  12. 350zkid

    FS Crunch GP3000D

    Nice! GLWS
  13. Can you all PM each other or something? This is still a WTT thread...