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  1. hatedonmostly

    Painting Your Car's Carpet 101!

    Yeah I heard they start to fade since they take more abuse than the carpet does. I'd like to do my carpet like this but it wouldn't match the rest of the interior at all
  2. hatedonmostly

    Painting Your Car's Carpet 101!

    In for seeing how durable it is. Have you considered doing the seats? ---------- Post added at 10:29 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:28 PM ---------- lol pussy itt...I remember when my car used to reek of fiberglass resin for weeks.
  3. hatedonmostly

    F/S American Bass XFL 1244

    No offense but why would anyone want to trade a new version D4 XFL 12" for the old version? That said I have two for sale if you want to buy them.
  4. hatedonmostly

    RARE: FS: Marantz SA-2040 Car Amplifier

    FYI this is brand new, only hooked up by me for two seconds to test
  5. hatedonmostly

    Lanzar Opti 1535d

    SPL and burps are different things? You lost me on this post...
  6. hatedonmostly

    WTB: 2500+@2ohm

    I have a pair of amps that will do 3k at 2 ohm...
  7. hatedonmostly

    WTT (2) BB2400.1's

    You shouldn't need any more than 1500 for an '05 XXX...
  8. hatedonmostly

    '05 RE XXX Motor

    For what?
  9. Item(s) for Sale: Set of three Rockford Fosgate RCAs. Two are 10 ft. One is 16 ft. Item(s) Description/Condition: Good condition. Work great and never gave me any noise issues. Price: $20 shipped Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Item Pictures: