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  1. MisterDeadeye

    Infinity vs Morel vs JL Audio Speakers.

    The point we're making here is that fixing his problem, which was that his speakers were not performing the way he would have liked, isn't as simple as choosing between four new ones. DD said to focus on the install instead of new speakers, there's no hate there. That is the correct path to go down when you're trying to fix that problem. The thread starter even acknowledged that he has no idea about the details of installing speakers, hence looking for new ones. All it takes is a bit of patience and willingness to listen to the stuff we say. The hate started with roaringthunder1, with the "...." bump and condescending use of quotations around treated. I'm sorry that you're offended by his simple suggestion to look at what you've got to see if there's room for improvement before jumping the gun and spending another several hundred dollars on speakers and install and tuning when you could have spent a day and $45 modifying your install. Is that what you want? Is that the kind of help you're looking for? This problem is not time sensitive, you can take the time to talk through what's going on in your car before we suggest that you spend hundreds of dollars on something as subjective as which speakers sound better than others.
  2. MisterDeadeye

    Any new SQ subs come out in the past couple years?

    I don't care a lot if I go with sealed or ported, I just want to have as flat a response as possible, with as much range as possible. SPL isn't a priority here. I think I was around to see that, along with the IA Flatlyne. Thanks for the suggestions so far, guys.
  3. MisterDeadeye

    Infinity vs Morel vs JL Audio Speakers.

    It's not like these people are going to die if they are asked simple questions about how their stuff is installed and tuned. They call it diagnostics. If there's a problem, you rule out the easy, simple fixes first. If my problem can be fixed with a slight adjustment of my gain, some foam, or a little bit of equalization. You trust your doctor to ask you the questions they think are important, so why not trust the people who have been on this website for several years to do the same? Sure, most of us didn't go to school for this crap, only some of us do this professionally, but we have experience where the newer people don't. That's the point. If you can't answer these types of simple questions, then that's totally fine. Just don't start telling people that they aren't helping the situation at hand, when in reality, it's you being incapable of understanding these simple concepts of audio. It's pretty embarrassing when the guy who creates the thread has to resort to name calling and down-voting posts because he's getting asked "difficult" questions. On topic, I've had the Morel Maximos. They're discontinued, and the price you'd get them at now would be more than they're worth. As far as mid-range punch, if you say you've done all you can do with the EQ, they've been tuned correctly, and you've tried at least a little bit of sound dampening, you're probably right in that it's time to look for something else. There's only so much that an install can do, and there's a reason that we all have different speakers in our cars. They do all sound different. I'm sorry I don't have experience with the other speakers you mentioned, I'd just like to say that a lot of us here deal with horrible installs on a daily basis, so forgive us if you feel like we're asking stupid questions. We're only trying to help.
  4. MisterDeadeye

    Any new SQ subs come out in the past couple years?

    If I can fit 2 10s, that would be cool, but I would be happy with a single 12 or 15. I'm just trying to extend my FR here. Nice, you guys actually clear that crap up now. I used to report that stuff when I was here last, I just don't remember it actually getting deleted. So is there anything better than the Dayton HO for less than $300 nowadays? I'm asking you, man.
  5. Haven't really been here lately, what's the big thing for SQ builds nowadays? Looking for something to work well in a relatively small box(~2-3cu.ft. net).
  6. MisterDeadeye

    Toshiba Satellite L655D-S5050

  7. MisterDeadeye

    Xbox 360 Slim

    Dammit, I wanted this!
  8. MisterDeadeye

    Toshiba Satellite L655D-S5050

    It's pretty much illegible.
  9. MisterDeadeye

    Toshiba Satellite L655D-S5050

    170 shipped
  10. MisterDeadeye

    Toshiba Satellite L655D-S5050

    $180 shipped.
  11. MisterDeadeye

    What Brand of speakers are these??

    Nice catch.
  12. MisterDeadeye

    What is the best amp under 100$

    You're posting a discussion based thread in the classifieds section. Stop cluttering our classifieds with this shit and learn how to read. Thanks.
  13. MisterDeadeye

    What Brand of speakers are these??

    I don't know what brand they are, but it looks like some kind of factory junk. How much did you pay for them, and why?
  14. MisterDeadeye

    Toshiba Satellite L655D-S5050

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure I commented in your thread saying I had the same one.
  15. Item(s) for Sale: Selling a Toshiba Satellite L655D-S5050 AMD based laptop. 4GB RAM, AMD Athlon II P320 CPU, ATI Mobility HD 4200 GPU Item(s) Description/Condition: Good, working condition. There are no broken components, the hinges are all tight and like new. The only cons are that the AC adapter has electrical tape on a spot(dog chewed through the rubber insulation) and it will not come with a hard drive. I can potentially include an 80GB hard drive with your choice of Linux installed(add $10 for the price of the drive), but I do not have any genuine Windows discs so I can't do that. Price: $250 shipped or best offer Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: USPS with insurance included Item Pictures: Attached.