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  1. Elleray

    Hey from BC!

    well, if it helps. Im nowhere NEAR whistler... Im smack dab in the middle of BC. Ill be right back with the pics... I think shes in the shower. LOL
  2. Elleray

    Hey from BC!

    Of what i want to do silly. :S Except the subs facing the other way. I have the two jls waiting for the box to be built.
  3. Elleray

    Hey from BC!

    Hey guys Call me Colt. Im 19 and live in BC Canada. I had 2 10w3s in my trunk running off a 600 watt Pheonix gold 600.1 amp, and speakers running off a jl 350/4. All the rattling in my preludes trunk pissed me off, and the bass wasnt what i wanted it to be. You know how trunk bass is compared to something not... isolated. So what im doing is gutting out the back, sound deadening almost everything i can, and making sure no energy gets into the trunk so I can enjoy it all up front Oh, and of course I had to ditch the tens, and the prefab box to build my own, and upgraded to 12w3s. Pic somewhat of what I am doing: