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  1. looking for a JL Audio 13w3v3-8 (SVC) Shipped to 64012
  2. n8skow

    12" Sundown ZV3

    Still hard to tell... is it just a broken solder joint or is the tinsel actually torn?
  3. n8skow

    12" Sundown ZV3

    ditto did it tear off or is the terminal itself broken?
  4. n8skow

    2 image dynamics idmax 12 d4s

    version 3's?
  5. How do you time amp hours exactly?? Special watch?
  6. n8skow

    10"solo x

    0_o Perhaps I just moved my face really close to the screen... At any rate - to the OP, the impedance is marked beside the terminals.
  7. n8skow

    10"solo x

    Tap the pic and zoom in
  8. n8skow

    10"solo x

    It's printed beside the terminals, dvc 4 ohm
  9. n8skow

    Blown sub (kicker S10L7)

    Up till a few years ago, you could still buy their version of the squares... Website has been down a longtime though...
  10. n8skow

    Blown sub (kicker S10L7)

    And he's only a short drive from Stillwater =)
  11. n8skow

    Blown sub (kicker S10L7)

    Perhaps he had access to some early run prototypes or something? The first gen available to you and me was the '01, which technically would of debuted in SEMA/CES the previous year.
  12. n8skow

    Blown sub (kicker S10L7)

    Kicker's L7 debuted in 2001... Don't think MTX's square hit the market till 2007ish
  13. Aren't T-line's supposed to be 'tuned' to the Fs of the woofer(s) used??