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  1. Who or where would you send this to fix it?PM me.
  2. Didn't the used Germans include tweeters too as seen in the video?Check your Pm box.
  3. Pm me a price shipped to 78501
  4. Is that $200 for both?
  5. Pm me a price for the 4 channel amp shipped.
  6. mbxrb

    soundstream rubicons

    Just when I was about to buy your 4.600 they are no longer for sale:(
  7. mbxrb

    Powerbass 4XL-65-92

    Only one for sale where's the other one?
  8. mbxrb

    Which DD series sub is this?

    It's in very good condition,what you see is saw dust on the basket and magnet.I got it from a friend that used only a few times.I guess I'll trade it or sell it??
  9. mbxrb

    Which DD series sub is this?

    How much power can they take?How much are they worth?
  10. mbxrb

    12 new Onkyo car or home Tweeters $22 shipped

    Are this still for sale?
  11. mbxrb

    Which DD series sub is this?

    I think its dual 4 ?? Some one post my pictures need more info on this sub,I need to know how much power it can take,don't want to fry it.
  12. mbxrb

    Which DD series sub is this?

    Can't upload pictures,but it does sound like a 4500 series I know its dual 2 ohm.If anyone wants to post pics for me PM your email address.
  13. mbxrb

    Which DD series sub is this?

    Anyone have any idea?