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  1. The Silverman

    Cerwin Vega v1500.1d and Mb quart onx1.1000d

    ttt it's all officially for sale I'm not wasting my time with ebay Kicker - 200 shipped JBL - 200 shipped MB Quart - 100 shipped Cerwin Vega - 150 shipped OBO
  2. For sale is a cerwin Vega 1500.1d amp and a Mb quart onx1.1000d...clearing out my car audio...almost everything must go. I'm selling the kicker and jbl as well but they're on eBay and have already been bid on. Cerwin Vega 200 shipped Used cerwin Vega V1500.1d RMS Power @ 4 ohms500 watts x 1 channels RMS Power @ 2 ohms900 watts x 1 channels Power Specifications - Full Range Channels Peak Power @ 1 ohm1500 watts x 1 channels Mb Quart 105 shipped Class: DNumber of Channels: 1 - MonoTotal RMS Power Output: 1000WMaximum Input Gauge Size: 2 AWGMinumum Impedance Unbridged: 1 OhmsOutput Power Watt RMS 1-Ohm : 1000Wrms x 1 2-Ohms: 750Wrms x 1 4-Ohms: 475Wrms x 1Mono Bridged @ 2-Ohms: N/AMono Bridged @ 4-Ohms: N/AFrequency Response: 15Hz - 250HzSignal to Noise Ratio: 95dBTHD% : 0.10%Variable Hi-Pass: N/AVariable Low-Pass: 30Hz - 250HzVariable Subsonic Filter: 15Hz -35Hz45Hz Bass Boost: 0 - +10dBDamping factor: >200Input (RCA JAck)Fuse RAting: 70A x 1 Bass Boost Remote Control: YesInput sensitivity: Low level: 200mV-6VDimensions (L x H x W): 348mm x 64mm x299mm
  3. The Silverman

    Fi BL 12" D1 old version

    Old 1000 watt Fi BL for sale. It's a D1. I got a new car, so I'm getting rid of all my stuff. Price 240 shipped