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  1. phemps

    Alt Problems

    Yes, there will be spikes, a battery helps to smooth those transients to ground. In modern charging systems they wont be healthy for semiconducters within the system. I dont know its not something I would think would be the best idea, when you can just load test the batteries first, a much safer alternative. Sure it may have no negative effects at all but theres no reason to risk it if you can get the car to autozone or load test the batts yourself
  2. phemps

    Alt Problems

    I really dont see how this is advisable.. especially in newer cars i would think. Youre going to see a nice voltage spike if the alt is working and that may not be very healthy for your 12 volt electronics. do it the proper way and take it to autozone or the like and have them test them for you
  3. phemps

    Sub smelly at rms?

    Its either clipping without you knowing, or you're sending it more power than you suspect. Setting gain with a DMM doesnt work very well. as mentioned use the O-scope while your playing songs and watch the waveform
  4. phemps

    MTX TA7801 intercooler fan problem (Help)

    hmm i was thinking maybe it was meant to stay on for a little while after the amp shut off or it was just using up some left over power in capacitors but i guess none of that makes sense. its getting power from the constant input somehow, i would probably rewire it a switched source like the remote turn on, but sorry, I have no input as to why its doing that. have you opened the amp case to look inside by chance?
  5. Shave off some of the the sub basket. jk, get to sanding that tool should work, although it wont be the easiest to make even
  6. phemps

    MTX TA7801 intercooler fan problem (Help)

    So it stays on indefinitely if the amp is hooked up?
  7. phemps

    DD 9500 break in

    crank the BASS BOOSTERS! no really though, dont use bass boost feature, but set your gains properly with the sub level at max on the head unit as this feature merely attenuates when you turn it down. This gives you more swing in sub control. Dont worry about the break in shit much, Its basically hooplah
  8. phemps

    Just a thought

    This enclosure design is kind of just a glorified regular box, like what you would be doing by using fiberglass to utilize all areas of the trunk.
  9. phemps

    Just a thought

    This shouldn't matter, anything placed in the trunk would be behind the effective enclosure, not in it, if i have been reading this thread correctly
  10. As long as they're decently separated from higher voltage wires, you can run them wherever it works for you
  11. phemps

    Just a thought

    It just seems unlikely that you will be able to create enough volume, but you could always get in there with packing peanuts and see how much space you have
  12. phemps

    Just a thought

    If you're just gonna slap a wall up, without paying attention to the volume the chamber creates, and simply throw a port in there it is very unlikely you will be rewarded with a decent preforming alignment
  13. phemps

    2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Oh no a high school speed build... ha just kidding man, sounds fun. Keep the pictures coming when you can
  14. although your picture quantity is lacking, the box looks great!