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    stantonsburg, nc
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    work on semi trailers
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    waste my money... -_-
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    2 RE XXX 12 D2, Rockford 6.5 components, Rockford 6x9s, Rockford bd1501, Rockford 1500 4 Channel
  1. kwitcherbichin

    Massive Audio CW-10

    u sure thats a cw? my buddy had 4 cws and the motor on his was way bigger.. might wanna look into it
  2. kwitcherbichin

    anyone feeling....

    anyone feelings really really nice =] i need one spider to fit a standard sized 12 inch 4 spoke basket... think anyone can toss me one?
  3. kwitcherbichin

    wtb dd 6.5s

    lookin for 2 dd 6.5 subs lmk what u have
  4. kwitcherbichin

    3 t2 15s

    i got 13 cf to work with 32 deep 44 wide and 20 tall wanna use 3 t2 15s and i was gona do a 12 wide 12 tall 17.5 deep port. would that come out right or am i way off tuning would be 32 hz
  5. kwitcherbichin

    Old School Rockford Fosgate 800a2 $220 shipped OBO

    post dump possibly?
  6. kwitcherbichin

    can someone?

    appreciate that but its not really helping me design my own and get soe experience under my belt... and i cant find a box with 4 12s like i like.
  7. kwitcherbichin

    can someone?

    can someone link me to the best possible guide to building enclosures and understanding how to correctly build them and getting the right amount of port area... any help would be appreciated thnx
  8. kwitcherbichin

    sub placement...

    ported tuned to 26
  9. kwitcherbichin

    sub placement...

    i have 4 12s that im trying to get to fit but so far i can either put 3 on the front and just use 3 or 2 on the front and 2 on the back my max dems for the box are 36 wide 23 deep and 18 tall. would it be bad to have 2 subs facing forward and 2 facing the back? would they hurt each other or cancel each other out.
  10. kwitcherbichin

    box help

    what kind of calculator are u using... its barely under 7cf with just the sub displacement... how big was the port u were gona use?
  11. kwitcherbichin

    box help

    well what about 3 tuned that low
  12. kwitcherbichin

    box help

    sorry bout that thought i put what size there 12s and i dont listen to normal music ;] only c&s for the most part.
  13. kwitcherbichin

    box help

    i got a 7 cf box with 4 orion xtr pro subs and i need a lil help but anyways if possible i would like someone to try to help me redesign this box to perform better max dems are 18 tall 23 deep and 36 wide. i would like the box tuned around 25-28 hz im sure it would be a close call on the size and displacement of the subs with that low of tuning but if possible just let me know my options. i want this enclosure to move alot of air with low notes. or at least perform greatly with low notes. ex. one of my older systems
  14. kwitcherbichin

    wtb/wttf 10 new orion xtr pro

  15. i am looking for one orion xtr pro sub, 100 and lower for price or i got 3 motors i can put towards the trade or w.e i got 2 Massive Audio CW motors and 1 DVC Rockford Fosgate 4 inch motor and the original coil if there is any interest. pm me for pics