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  1. So I originally planned on walling my Civic after this season of competing in the trunk class. Was going to do 4 12's on 12k watts, but doing to math on all the weight added to the car, it just wasn't going to work out like I wanted it. So I bought this today... Have to replace the transmission in it first, then get to work on everything else. Going to do it no wall to begin with. Will be slow going on this build initially. Gotta get through finals in early September, then sell the Civic and my old amps to fund a lot of this build.
  2. Here's my finals scores: 157.1 Sealed on the glass 159.7 In the kick, window open 156.9 30 second music average For finals, I knew I was beat if I didn't do something. So I wired in the dirt. Strapped the amps at .33, so each amp saw .16. Got a lot more power, and a lot higher score. So pleased with my setup, I'm going to run it another season without adding subs. Will add another 9k amp most likely this year, and run them at 1 ohm daily, and .25 for burps. Going to try to get a 160 sealed out of it before I change up the setup a lot.
  3. Been a while since I've updated this, so here's a small one. I added a second JY lithium to the setup. NSPL finals is less than two weeks away, so I've been doing everything I can to get every last tenth out of it. As of now, it does a 154.6 sealed on the glass, 157.8 in the kick window down, and 156.7 on a 30 second music average (meter in the kick, window down). I'm pleased with what I've done this season as far as numbers and the build has went. For those that didn't realize it, all 6 subs, both 9k amps, the 175.4 amp, and both lithiums are all in the cargo area, and I still have a functional back seat. I'd originally planned to wall it next season, but I'm having so much fun with no wall, I'm going to run it at least one more season before walling. Next season I'll be starting the season by adding two more 12's, and will be shooting for 160 in the kick and 56's on the glass. I'll start a new build log for that after finals. Below is a video from the Sundown Audio Show a couple weeks ago.
  4. Huge two day event in Fayetteville NC at Fayetteville Motorsports Park, November 10 and 11. https://www.facebook.com/events/187755501878912/?ti=as
  5. TRaGiK

    Twisted Sounds Amps?

    JY Power owned the sub line didn't they? They didn't fold as a company, just got rid of the Twisted Woofer line.
  6. TRaGiK

    North Carolina!!!

    NSPL is the org with the most shows in NC. Follow NSPL on Facebook to see when stuff is happening. There's a show on Saturday this weekend, sunday this weekend, Saturday next weekend, and shows pretty much every or every other weekend all the way up till world finals on September 9-10. What part of the state are you in?
  7. TRaGiK

    Orion monoblock

    Haven't read this whole thread yet, but from what I've seen, there's a lot of validity here. At all the larger shows, Orion sends a team to repair equipment. Subs and amps. I've seen pretty much all the brands blow up over the last 1.5 years, at one show or another. However the theme with Orion is if there's more than 4 or 5 people running Orion gear, it's a gaurantee that at least one of them is going to blow up. At the TDH show in Va. a couple months ago, they stayed busy rebuilding subs and amps. And to be clear, I'm no Sundown fanboy...I'm on DC Audio's team (literally on Team DC).
  8. Outlaw and music class (also outlaw style) is what I concentrate on now, so those are the numbers I care most about. I run a sealed class too but I don't much care about the sealed class, so I don't try to do much to get sealed numbers up. The song I use is Box XX (XX being the freq used). Can't remember who made it, but it's legal in the org I run as it's easy for anyone to download.
  9. Eh. I need more battery. Another 80ah lith is on my list, and I'll have it in the vehicle before I add 2 more subs and have each amp wired to .5. On a full tilt 30 second music run (modded music for the class I run...**** near a full 30 second tone), voltage drops to 11.8. Doing demos, it's 12.8+. I'm very pleased with 57's. Playing music is a must for me, so I expect to have to throw more power and/or more cone area at it than the burp only guys. It IS in the kick, but it's one of the classes I run. Should do 54's on the glass sealed up...I'll test for that this weekend.
  10. It does. Everything that was attached to the headliner (dome lights, etc) has broken off. The windshield and part of the roof that attaches to it is catching hell, but it's hanging in there for now. I suspect both will give me priblems soon. Originally, I was planning on calling this vehicle after finals, but I'm having to much fun without a wall, I may do no wall next year. I've got 2 more subs to add to it. Wall or no wall, my initial goal is to get a 160.
  11. Second 9k has been added. Went from 1 aml wired at .33 to two amps wired at .66 each. Got a nice gain. Up .8.
  12. Went to a show last Sunday with this, and also did my first grudge match. Guy with a 4 12's wall on two SCV4k's called me out. We did a 1 minute music average run, and he beat me by .1. I did a 154.9 to his 155.0. As for the classes I ran, I did a 155.3, 30 second music average. And did 156.5 in the kick. Just ordered another 9k amp, and will be adding it soon. After this season, I originally planned on doing 8 12's on two 9k's, but I may play in no wall. Currently I'm in a no-wall class (sort of), but it's a stock class where everything must remain in the cargo area and everything must appear stock. That will change next season.
  13. Four removed, and six put in! Gained 1db sealed and outlaw. Gained 1.3 on a 30 second music average. All this was in testing. I expect to gain .2 to .3 at a show, as the car does better once it heats up in the sun. While it only gained 1db, it FEELS like it gained 3db. It is a night and day difference on how it demos.
  14. Updates! So I had the vehicle "painted" last week. This thing was starting the look rough with the panels that ripped and then repaired. Also had someone hit my car in the hotel parking lot at the TDH show two weeks ago, so it was looking beat up. It ain't perfect now, but a ton better than it was. Did some testing on the meter after paint, and it did .07 better than it's ever done in testing before. Went to a show yesterday and was extremely surprised with this... Tested the night before the show, and conditions in testing vs at the show we're nearly identical...but I somehow gained .3. The only thing different was elevation. I've been to that location before and my car has always done the same thing at higher elevation as sea level though, so I dunno. Regardless, I'm ecstatic to finally get the 55 I've been chasing for months. Everytime I'd get close, I'd rip a panel or have some major issue. I'd fix the problem, and still be down from where I started. Soon, the four 12's will be getting replaced with 6. Also, picked up a couple more XL motors today. The plan is to wall it with 8 12's on 2 9k's after finals in September.
  15. Lithium is in and AGM is out. Dropped the floor down to factory height. Outlaw score went back up to a 154.8 which I've only done once before and never could duplicate it. Sealed score went up to 152.3, which is a new best. 30 second music average gained .1. Adding 2 more 12's within the next month, and hoping to pick the ouaw score up to a 56.0 or so.
  16. My JY80 arrived! Perfect timing. Will be pulling everything out this weekend to fix the ripped panels, pulling out 500 pounds of agm's and replacing with 30 pounds of lithium. Hopefully I'll gain a couple mpg with that. Dropping the raised floor down to the same level as the factory floor. Hoping I'll be able to finally get a 155 with this.
  17. TRaGiK

    The wife, kids, and car audio

    Mine loves it. Goes to shows with me when she can. Knows how much everything costs and doesn't care as long as it doesn't cost the "house" money. Lately she's been talking about wanting to compete. I hope she changes her mind...can't afford two vehicles competing at the same time.
  18. More problems... Found a couple more ripped panels. One is the same 1/4 panel as last time, but in a different spot that I can't believe tore. Was very little vibration there. Gonna be a pain to fix that one, as I'm almost certain I won't be able to access it from the inside. The other problem area appears to be the c-pillar. A lot of air can be felt coming out, but there's a plastic cover that covers up the area. Have to disassemble the inside of the car to gain access to the outside. Ugh. So it's either got a crack in the c-pillar, or the window seal let loose.
  19. Small update. Finally got rid of the rest of the Crescendo garbage, and switched over to McLaren mids and super tweets. Should have done this a long time ago. The tweets do a LOT better at keeping up with the sub stage than the old Nendo silk tweets did. For now, I've got 2 mids and 1 super tweet per door. At some point, I'll be going with 4 mids and 2 tweets per door, but that'll be after I get all 6 subs in the car. Will be swapping out the 90.4 for a 175.4 very soon.
  20. 12 or so inches from the rear hatch. It stopped gaining at about 9 inches...I just never moved it back to 9. Wasn't any reason to. Rear hatch is deadened.
  21. Class restrictions are everything must be in the cargo area, the interior must appear more or less stock (false floor is fine, and removing 3rd row seating is fine), and the tallest part of the box (or subs) must be 12 inches or more from the roof. On the subs, 2 more 50% increase should get me 1.5db. I'm not betting on that gain with JUST the subs. I agree on the false floor being raised. Originally the battery bank was in front of the box (and everything was flat on the floor) and I suspected the ports were being choked being so close to the hatch. Moving everything around and raising the floor gained, but I've always suspected if it was flat it would have gained more. Going with lithium and dumping the AGM's will allow me to do that. I'm fairly certain I can get 6 12's in there in the proper air space with the proper clearance around the box with the lithium batt and moving amps to under the floor, while making the floor flat instead of raised.
  22. Got my *** handed to me at a show in Norfolk a couple weeks ago, and I still can't even get a 155 out of this thing. So it's time for changes. Ordered a JY lithium 80ah this morning. Picked up a couple XL motors that I was holding onto till I rebuild for no wall next season...but they're probably going in now. So I'll have 6 12's on the single 9k. All in the cargo area so I'll still have the back seat. That's the new plan anyway. We'll see if it works...
  23. 157 in the kick by finals in September is the goal. The current NSPL world record for that class is 156.1, so I've got to do better than that to stand a chance of winning finals.
  24. 154.8 in the kick (state record), 153.5 on a 30 second music average (state record), and 151.5 sealed on the glass. My sealed score in testing was a 152.2, so I think I did something wrong at the show. I'll figure that out before this coming weekend show.