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  1. tunnelgas

    A clue-less dad

    First of all...I didnt expect that I would get that many responses in that short a period of time. To answer a few of the responding questions we hope the budget would be $800.00 or less. He seems to think that he needs an amp and a sub. He looked at a Kenwood KDC-MP342U CD player, an Alpine PDX4.150 600W 4 channel amp, an Alpine PDX1.600 600W x 1 amp, Alpine type R speakers, etc., etc. and got a quote from a local car audio shop for about $2700.00 which is what prompted the email. We are going to install ourselves. We like to tinker and he has shown patience for these things. As for the "mowing" comment...I have a 20yr old sophomore at UT-K and between the two and the fact that I am still so young and good looking I feel like one of them sometimes more than I feel like an old man or grey-haired father. Thanks much to all who have and continued to respond with advice - I do appreciate it.
  2. tunnelgas

    A clue-less dad

    I am a 38 year old father of a soon-to-be 16 year son. He bought a Jeep Wrangler with his mowing money as a first vehicle and is looking to put a much better stereo system in it. The wife and I are going to do something along this line for his birthday but I really have no clue where to start so I figured I would take a shot at this forum and see if I could get some info. A few questions are as follows: 1. What constitutes a "good" stereo? 2. What should a "good" stereo (budget minded) cost? 3. Are most stereos now IPOD accessible? 4. How important is the fact that his vehicle is "topless" going to be the components used? For the record the previous owner installed JVC speakers in the dash and it has a 2-speaker sound bar in it as well. I found the receipt for the stereo that is currently in it and it was a $149.00 JVC detachable face single CD with no IPOD hookup which he wants to replace. There is no amp or sub installed. Thanks in advance... Clue-less Dad