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  1. x2 My mom's boyfriend does this for a living. Use a hair dryer or heat gun too.
  2. jpexpc

    1000-1500 Watts @ 1ohm: The Choices

    They've been on ebay because they are going to a new model.
  3. jpexpc

    vid of the wifes wagon

    It would be louder if you ran both of the subs in the box. Silly.
  4. jpexpc

    I get shit done.

    Someone chewed on your boxes.
  5. I was right. This guy never delivers: http://www.caraudio.com/forum/showthread.php?t=408132
  6. Don't you already owe us videos?
  7. jpexpc

    Box REcomadations??!!

    Meh There is a box build section.
  8. This thread is full of fail. You guys should re-read the OP.
  9. Don't do it maneeeeee!
  10. jpexpc

    VERY interesting Type-r info....

    This thread sucks.
  11. jpexpc

    who has the best ava

    I like my new one.
  12. jpexpc

    What will I need?

    It wouldn't be necessary but if your alternator can keep up it wouldn't hurt either.
  13. jpexpc

    2 ohm or 4 ohm

    What kind of subs are they? As far as the amp, there are way better options for half that price.