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  1. sthib

    Silverado Suspension upgrade help

    Timbren Industries Inc. Suspension Products – Timbren Industries Inc. Suspension Enhancement Systems and Premium Trailer Suspensions
  2. sthib

    Silverado Suspension upgrade help

    Brother in law did the high capacity rubber bump stops for his 05 z71 he paid like 150 and work awesome. He pulls a 10500lbs fifth wheel.
  3. I have A bnib ia 10.1 just curious how much plus amp trade?
  4. sthib

    Too much bass can barely hear words

    Cdt are pretty nice that's what I got (sitting in closet for over a year never put in lol) but have gotten a chance to hear my buddy's.
  5. Someone could probably elaborate on it better because I'm not 100% how it works.
  6. Sound like you box isn't sealed well at the Midgate and when you opened your cover it probably mimic the same thing as opening a crack in the widow to produce more output.
  7. I hear us man a lot more what tithe best brand post than there use to be but I use to ask the same question so not going dog it too much.
  8. No I mean I'm still young but from 16 to 20-21 (when I started on the sight again) was like a mind blow. Even the last 2 years **** has changed!
  9. I started looking at this site years ago when I was a sophomore in high school and I am now 23 years old. I been on and off into the car audio. It's just crazy how fast time flys and how busy you get and you forget about Hobbes like this.
  10. I want to give props to these guy!! Mylows and biabia for awesome experience buying from them. And Mylows, Keep_hope_alive, and CSCStang for all there advice!! CSCStang thanks for helping with box design!! Will hopfull be doing a build log soon on my 08 Silverado thanks to these guys!! Knukonceptz also was awesome great product and stupid fast shipping!!!
  11. A 148-150 should be doable with proper tuning and box.
  12. No If it's an aftermarket radio just run rcas to the amp to there proper side if you have a high and mids amp and a sub amp and only one set of preout a on the deck invest in a eq.
  13. sthib

    2 15s or 15 and a 10 or a 15 and 12

    Ok so you max budget is 330? Is that for just subs and amp or you trying for mids and highs too?
  14. sthib

    2 15s or 15 and a 10 or a 15 and 12

    Not a real setup
  15. sthib

    2 15s or 15 and a 10 or a 15 and 12

    Lots to learn and at least it's not as bad as the one I read the other day!!! "Does rms mean Loudness?" Lol that one made me laugh. But yea we need realistic goals and have you ever heard a real system?