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  1. SoCaL081

    Old School Rockford vs Alpine

    Hey guys im wanting some input on which amp I should use with my 12" Eclipse SW8122DVC dual 4ohm sub. The two amps are a old school Rockford Fosgate Punch 360a2 and a Alpine MRP-M500. Im some what new to the this car audio and would like to hear what you guys think. Thanks
  2. SoCaL081

    Help With Alpine Gain!

    So as long as i dont go past or stay below the 31.6v for 500rms @ 2 ohms, I should be fine?
  3. SoCaL081

    Help With Alpine Gain!

    Hey everyone I recently got a Alpine mrp-m500 amp to match and power my 12" Eclipse SW8122DVC sub but anyways...i was setting the gain to the amp while using a multimeter trying to reach rhe 31.6v for 500w rms @ 2ohms and it would read low ac volts maxed out and only got to the number by turning up the bass eq up quite a bit. My headunit has 4v preouts and the alpine amp has a max of 4v so do i just max out the gain?
  4. Hey everyone I recently purchased a somewhat older Alpine MRD-M1000 amp not to long ago and only paid $35 from a junkie that said she had to put $$$ onto her mans books in prison lol but anyways...it was working great with my 12" Eclipse SW8122DVC sub until I switched it over to another car. Once the amp would turn on, it would push my sub all the way out or pull it all the way in depending the phase and also make a crackling static sound so I started troubleshooting. I unplugged the rca's and still had the problem, tried different subs and still the same thing would happen. I ended up coming across a website or forum and ended up thinking that the problem was a output mosfet or something that is allowing DC current instead of AC? I know the newer version (Alpine MRP-M1000) was known for the same issue also? Anyways, should I just get another amp or is this amp worth getting fixed? I know back in the day, this Alpine MRD-M1000 amp was like the best of the best or high up there and extremely expensive so Im needing some opinions. I would like to use its 1000w rms @ 2ohms with my (2) 12" Eclipse SW8122DVC subs...
  5. Hey guys, I recently got a different car so I reinstalled my system which is a Kenwood Excelon KDC-X994 headunit, Alpine MRD-M1000 amp, and a Eclipse SW8122DVC sub that I had in my other car working fine but now when the amp turns on, it pushes my sub outward and has a static sound even with the RCA's unpluged. Ive tried a different speaker and it does the same. Also, my Alpine amp is like sensitive to any movement/tapping on or with it. I can tap it and it sounds like its giving my sub bass. Hopefully someone can help me out and shine some light. I bought the Alpine MRD-M1000 amp for only $35 off a crackhead on letgo cause she needed money to put on her husbands books in jail...lol but its missing the top cover and terminal cover which doesnt matter to me cause its been working perfectly for a while until this happend. Thanks for your time guys.
  6. SoCaL081

    Massive Audio? Anyone?

    I have a Alpine MRD-M1000 amp I scored for $35 off LetGo and was wondering how those two would go together.
  7. SoCaL081

    Massive Audio? Anyone?

    Anyone know the specs on it or know what size/type of box I should make?
  8. SoCaL081

    Buying Used Subs?

    Well I recently got screwed over big time for a 12" Eclipse SW8122DVC sub I purchased off LetGo and could use some advice on buying used subs. I'm somewhat new to car audio and thought usually if you compress the cone and hear a scratching sound then it's no good. Well I was a jackass and didn't fully hook it up and test it cause I at the time I had no amp so I figured if it doesn't make noise by compressing the Cone then it's good... Well was I wrong. I hooked it up and got nothing. At first I thought maybe the amp is no good since I got it used also but I removed the quick change magnet, looked inside the aluminum former that the voicecoils wrap around and it was ripped, or cracked 75% or so around it...The guy never responded back to me so what I'm getting at is, what tests can I do to used subs to make sure this doesn't happen again? Multimeter, or what? Thanks for the help in advance.
  9. SoCaL081

    Massive Audio? Anyone?

    Hey everyone, I've ran across a used Massive Audio TW-12 sub for $40 and was wondering is this brand and/or model is any good? I haven't heard of the company but then again I'm also somewhat new to car audio. What do you guys think? Hopefully someone can shed some light on this for me. Thanks for the time.
  10. SoCaL081

    Help Selecting Sub For My System!!!

    I'm a baller on a budget of around $100. If I purchase new then it'll cost me more for lesser quality or I could buy a used one that is decent for around the same price. This is the 2nd sub that has done this to me. (1) Infinity Kappa 12.1d & that Eclipse sw6123.4
  11. Hey everyone, I am in need of a 12" sub and was looking for some help choosing one that will be good with my Alpine MRD-M1000 amp. Here are some specs... https://www.crutchfield.com/S-6J6IqVVw5Ut/p_500MRDM100/Alpine-MRD-M1000.html I haven't had much luck lately and just burnt one up. I'm looking for one that will be reliable. Any suggestions? I plan on using a vented box too.
  12. Like the title says... I'm looking for a Infinity Kappa 12.1 sub. If you have one, let me know and how much. Also looking for Infinity 5x7/6x8 speakers. I'd like the component set but will settle for others. Thanks
  13. As the title says... Looking for Infinity 5x7/6x8 speakers. If you have any, let me know what and how much! Thanks for looking