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  1. pjc

    FS: Alpine PDX-V9

    Good price on a fantastic amp!!!
  2. pjc

    Pioneer ts-m7prs mids

    Pm sent earlier. Not sure if u got it
  3. pjc

    Jvc kw-r900bt double din...mint

    That's tempting. I've ran that deck before and loved it.
  4. pjc

    Kicker 50ft 1/0 AWG spool

    Crazy flexible wire. Used it many times.
  5. Crutchfield is out of the 6.5" also... So now these are gonna be harder and harder to find. Great set.
  6. I have a complete stage 4 setup... Deck, 3 amps, 3 way, and subs. Debating picking up extra amps while I can. Great stuff. I think it was totally over looked here in the US.
  7. Saw ur post on diyma too. Figured I'd chime in. The build quality on these is phenomenal. I have the same setup. Best of luck. Just saw about the JBL660... Was gonna say, sell the mid and run the 2 way.
  8. pjc

    Denon DCT-A100 (Black Faceplate)

    Awesome deck. I miss mine. It was identical except US tuner. So simple, yet gorgeous.
  9. I'll sell ya a pair of X-Ions . Great guy here folks.
  10. Yeah. Clean truck. I'm trying to justify another 160.4. But I think the 70.4 and 160.4 I have will be plenty already.
  11. Bump for a fantastic guy to deal with. Glad the 805 worked out for you.
  12. pjc

    FS/FT OS Pioneer REV 6x8s

    Bump for you. These are fantastic coax. I have the newer "D series" and they are not the same IMO. The old Revs were a huge seller where I worked back in the day.
  13. pjc

    SubbyBeat is a scammer

    I normally don't chime in on these threads but I see no prof of anything. No proof of any damaged parts. The only reason I looked at this is because I was looking to buy that 1/0 Subby has listed. But think I'll pass.
  14. pjc

    4 channel amp

    Infinity Kappa Four. $130 shipped.
  15. It was just the aluminum front for it. Not the entire faceplate. I worked for a Premier dealer and that was at cost. I remember it being under $100 for the aluminum face and new knobs. I dropped the face and scratched it :-(. Good luck with sale. Amazing SQ deck!