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    98 Excort ZX2
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    DC level 5 15" in aeroported box. Audiopipe gd-6001
  1. i can do like 200 shipped

  2. lowest price you can do shipped to 55407

  3. Hey man, just curious what class/league ur car is running in... I'm tryin to get a trunk build goin in the near future and I'm curious of where to find all the specifics and details for all the trunk classes of competition. I never competed before, just got cars metered, so I'm totally new a this... I'm mainly curious as to where your subs, amps and batts have to be mounted. Any help would be greatly appreciated dude. I use to hate ur model of Escort but I'm inlove w/ urs lol

  4. yea 300 for 2 is good. there great condition. and to give u an idea i have 2 on a powerbass 5k at .4 (7k rms) and they keep up decent for 7k. usually each one is good for 2500-3k each

  5. CLEAR YOUR PMS<br />

    <br />

    it has very good clean sound. i had a kicker 200.4 and this smashed it in sound and clarity. its underrated so instead of 35x4 its more like 50x4.

  6. hey clear ur pms. u got any nice coaxials then for sale in ur collection?

  7. hey could u respond to my pm man waiting to hear back from u

  8. how many batteries do you have left?