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  1. CerwinVega_Fan

    Need Amp

    I have a hifonics Samson 2500.1 $260 shipped
  2. CerwinVega_Fan

    wtb mono amp need 400watts @2ohms

    Boston gt24 tickle your fancy? $100 u cover shipping/fees
  3. CerwinVega_Fan

    WTB: Blown Subs or Motors with 3" coils

    I have a pair of tc9 eclipse 12s. Working subs but one has a cracked basket. $200 for both
  4. CerwinVega_Fan

    Budget 2000W amp

    I have a hifonics Samson 2500.1 I'd sell u for $250 shipped
  5. CerwinVega_Fan

    FS: Mmats 3500.05 Silver

    I ran a mmats 3500.1 on stock electrical in a 2001 Mitsubishi galant for 2 years. No problems at all.
  6. I have a pair if u are still looking
  7. CerwinVega_Fan

    Wtb: 10s that get loud sealed

    Boston g5, JL w6, jbl gti, idmax's, Oz audio matrix elites. Just naming a few
  8. CerwinVega_Fan

    WTB A good quality 12"

    Pm me. I'm local and have something u may like
  9. CerwinVega_Fan

    Wtb component set and rear speakers

    I have a brand new set of re xxx comps. The old school neo set.
  10. CerwinVega_Fan

    2 jl audio 12w7ae

    Any references?
  11. CerwinVega_Fan

    (2) 12" Old school Jbl GTI's

  12. CerwinVega_Fan

    (2) 12" Old school Jbl GTI's