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    4 CROSSFIRE XS-SPL 12" Subwoofer and 4 CROSSFIRE BMF1700, and 5 XS POWER batteries
  1. TeamProdigyMike

    Car audio competitions anywhere near Pittsburgh PA ? 2013

    There are a few loud guys still in the Pittsburgh area. Shows on the other hand are gone. Every one stopped supporting the events. So the shows stopped. I am a competitor and a judge for iasca and db drag. If there is enough interest. Maybe we can make Pittsburgh a big completion area again.
  2. TeamProdigyMike

    Another Championship Ring

    Yea there are many different ways to do it. But I know that all of my testing has worked for my and my teammates. we have 11 world titles in bass race over the past 4 years. Not saying it is the only way. But it has worked well for us.
  3. TeamProdigyMike

    crossfire xp 1400 vs american bass vfl 100.1

    Man i have run the 1700 for a long time. and won 3 world championships with them. They have never got hot, or have broken. Every manufacture may have a few duds but to blame all of them as bad is not realistic at all
  4. TeamProdigyMike

    Another Championship Ring

    Basically you need to test and write down everything. temperature humidity voltage. everything. and then dot all again and again and again. and you will figure it out. it just takes a lot of time
  5. If your voltage is in the 13v range you should not have any noticeable head light dimming. Mine drop down to 11.7 on hard notes and i don't have any headlights dimming. I would change the battery first. And i agree with tho there guy no kinetic. xs power or stinger are the be
  6. TeamProdigyMike

    what subs?

    No i am not messing with you. we ran the amp at 2ohm . so it was making maybe 800 rms . but it was clean power. most don't realize this but most of the time you will blow a sub from dirty power. not over powering.( within reason. a good 400rms sub can take 500-600 clean watts.) but same sub with dirty power can blow at 200 watts.
  7. TeamProdigyMike

    what subs?

    It was 2-12" in a silver pickup truck. and we put a ton of power to it. a kicker 1500.1
  8. TeamProdigyMike

    New member from HI

    Welcome !
  9. TeamProdigyMike

    what subs?

    I have very limited experience with shallow mounts. But the have installed the rockford P3 shallows. And they sound really good for a shallow mount.
  10. TeamProdigyMike

    Another Championship Ring

    They have been talking about it. but there are a lot of areas that have passed noise ordinances about loud stereo. and there would be a lot of shows in the Ohio area that would get shut down. Even SBN in Florida has had trouble the past few years with the police and noise.
  11. TeamProdigyMike

    Another Championship Ring

    Thanks guys. Yea i have meet Gary at finals a few years back. I still can't believe he drove all the way to daytona beach.
  12. TeamProdigyMike

    Another Championship Ring

    I am still exited. Even after winning my 3rd one!! Woot woot
  13. TeamProdigyMike

    Newbie Sound system upgrade help

    That is a very individual kind of question. When it comes to good sound. it is all to the individual. Just about all of your major brands will fill in what you want to do. the best thing to do is go and lien to a bunch of brands. and find the one that speaks to you. Me i am a huge fan of Crossfire Car Audio. Great products and great people!
  14. TeamProdigyMike

    I joined this site to ask this question...

    Yea with 2 15" you are going to have flex. unless you only use about 300 watts. and you still will have some minor flexing.
  15. TeamProdigyMike

    Another Championship Ring