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  1. just bought 2 sets of the same mids and was wondering how much power to throw at them to keep up with 2 SD X series 12's on 3k... so I will go with at least 150 rms
  2. SicAudio

    Group buy interest cheap comp sets

    I know how you like using multiple speakers per door etc lol the midbass is astonishing... they will rattle the door panels off HAHAHA
  3. SicAudio

    Group buy interest cheap comp sets

    for what you do AK you will like these...
  4. SicAudio

    Group buy interest cheap comp sets

    and to clarify... nothing Almani makes that people have seen is anything near as good as the S7 series... the rest of the stuff they have is mediocre to poor at best... these retailed at 499 a set...my distributor cost on them was over 100$ plus shipping.. you are getting better than 2:1 over distro/dealer price on theses guys...
  5. SicAudio

    Group buy interest cheap comp sets

    I sold and have used these personally.. they are the old Orion / PPI sets ( before both companies were ruined by DEI...) that have just been remade in a different buildhouse by former engineers that made the Almani name after the buyout with DEI. they will assrape anything Maxxsonics makes including all but the highest end MBQ sets.... and we all know I am a Maxxwhore..being a former rep and all lol so for me to say that means alot.. I have over 200 rms per mid and 80 per tweet in a 96 saturn with a 10w3 on 400 rms and they drown out the 10 on midbass..it is all in the install man...they are a cheaper made speaker but for under 100$ you won't find anything even close... I would dare say 125$...the tweets are a tad harsh but that is because they are made with Japanese silk and have a very naturally bright sound to them. the mids are extremely clear and crisp on the midbass/midrange if ya feed em at least 150 rms you will do just fine
  6. glad ya guys worked it out
  7. well the unit you traded wont read CD's... so all in all an even trade IF the 1 you received really is broken... just sayin the facts as I know them...his deck was in flawless working order and the 1 he received doesn't work at all for CD's.....
  8. SicAudio

    Help me convince this fool!

    just slap me... must be the senility lol i read truck and thought trunk!!! lol my bad...
  9. SicAudio

    Help me convince this fool!

    152 sealed in the trunk?... I would have to see that.. the record is 156 and Terry Brock just did it this year...
  10. that KW deck Tony had worked absolutely fine. he just did a TL meter session with some of the Team Nemesis members about a week or so ago.. ( did a 135 on music with only 700 rms on 2 12's btw... from the trunk sealed...) if there is an issue with the deck then check ur RCA runs and the amp... and or wiring..
  11. SicAudio

    Hifonics Zues

    for the $$ you cant get a better sub...not new... you would be very hard pressed to get better new for less than 150... they are the baby brother of the GPV subs... they get **** loud damned easy... [video=youtube;-eqm7EG2kK4] thats 2 of the higher power rated GPV... not too bad imo...
  12. SicAudio

    Budget 12s - Thoughts?

    fusion is better than kicker.....
  13. SicAudio

    Anybody tried this mb quart amp

    i replied in your other thread
  14. SicAudio

    Mb quart formula series amps

    the form and onx are not cea if that matters... they are about 5% under what they are rated at... the ref and Q ARE cea rated and do quite a bit over the rated and have superior x-overs... the Q can also be ran active....
  15. SicAudio

    **** mechman

    it was a joke....i know they are not vendors here...