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  1. nice job looks clean as hell
  2. DB-Audio

    1998 Volvo V70 install help...

    up for no help
  3. DB-Audio

    1998 Volvo V70 install help...

    up I know about google tried it can only find the same antena addapter
  4. DB-Audio

    Weekend #1 Done

    interseting why not go with 2 15's instead i mean if your gonna wall it go big
  5. DB-Audio

    1998 Volvo V70 install help...

    mods I forgot about the wiring electrical help section please move
  6. this makes me feel stupid but I installed the head unit works fine but I cant find a radio antenna adapter that works this is the v70r model station wagon with premium stereo the adapter that sonic electronics sent me was for the volvo s70 the kit is 70-9220 the adapter has to square plug wholes when the cars antenas are round obviously you cant fit a round peg in a square hole
  7. interesting color purple other than that I like it nice car cant wait to see the install
  8. nice job so far man looks clean
  9. DB-Audio

    Wiring help... im cunfused...

    havent done that in a long time but maybe the 65 hr work weeks are getting to me ill double check
  10. DB-Audio

    Wiring help... im cunfused...

    I have an 80amp fuse to the battery I will double check the strands tomarow
  11. DB-Audio

    Wiring help... im cunfused...

    So I had 8 gauge wire wired up with no fuse on low power and my amps work fine no problem, well I change the 8 gauge to 4 gauge and all hell breaks loose... I start popping fuses every time I try to hook the amp up whats wrong? I have power to the amp it wont turn on though it (knock on wood ) hasnt smoked yet, but the fuses keep blowing. with no out put. the amp im using is a audiopipe 1300mini
  12. looks very clean guys nice job your very close to me may have to swing down to your shop this summer if I have time