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  1. BeAlLsTaR13

    WTB: Kicker 1/0 fuse holder

    Ya just saw that your good now
  2. BeAlLsTaR13

    WTB: Kicker 1/0 fuse holder

    Pm coming your way
  3. BeAlLsTaR13

    WTB: Kicker 1/0 fuse holder

    Not that I saw
  4. BeAlLsTaR13

    WTB: Kicker 1/0 fuse holder

    i would but those kind are too wide, and i already have 2 so would like all 3 under the hood to match lol
  5. BeAlLsTaR13

    whatsup from NY

    welcome you are not too far from me
  6. like title states decent condition, no broken clips though PM me with what you got and price
  7. 1. Product: Pair of BNIB Image Dynamic CTX65cs Components 2. Specs: * RMS Power Handling: 100 Watts * Peak Power Handling: 200 Watts * Frequency Response: +/- 3 db 58hz-22khz * Efficiency @ 2.83 volts: 93dB * Impedance: 4 Ohms * Mounting Depth: 2.75 * Poly-mica cone with butyl rubber surround * 1" (25mm) silk dome tweeter with neodymium magnet and swivel eyeball mount * Crossover made with audiophile components utilizing air-core inductors and poly film capacitors * Power: 25-200 watts * Impedance: 4 Ohms * Sensitivity: 89dB * Frequency Response: 55Hz-25kHz * Depth: 2.75" 3. Description/Condition: These are BRAND NEW, never used, never seen power, still in 100% original packaging from the factory 4. Price: I paid 190 for these and would like to get as close to that as possible, im going to go out and say 170 + shipping for now, other cash offers considered no low balls, no trades 5. Pictures: Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your username/date if you have less than 10 positive feedbacks with the i-Trader system or less than 10 references that you have sold to in the past. (These must be listed in your signature, or a link provided to a feedback thread listing these references)).
  8. BeAlLsTaR13

    FS: Clarion EQ

    NoW sold
  9. BeAlLsTaR13

    FS: Clarion EQ

    1. Product: *in box* Clarion EQS746 1/2 DIN eq/crossover with mounting feet i also have a 18" kicker rca cable i used from the headunit to this for the main input for an extra price 2. Specs: * 7-Band Graphic Equalizer * 6-Channel / 7 Volt RCA Outputs (Front/Rear/Subwoofer) * Adjustable Master Volume Level Control * Adjustable Subwoofer Level Control * 2-Channel RCA AUX Input with Adjustable Gain * Selectable 12dB Low-Pass Crossover (60Hz or 90Hz) * Gold Plated Terminals * Dimensions:7"(W) × 1"(H) × 4"(D) 3. Description/Condition: used but in good condition 10/10 mechanicle 8.5/10 cosmetic (cause its used, no scratches or gouges and the front plate where the knobs are theres no wear so will still provide for clean installation) 4. Price: 45 shipped for just the EQ, 52 shipped for the EQ and the RCA 5. Pictures:
  10. DC XL18? seen MANY of these take 3,000w rms daily.. buddy of mine had 4 15" XLs with stock parts taking a soundigital 16kd.. thats 4k a piece and it has d2 coils 270 + shipping
  11. BeAlLsTaR13

    to hifonics nay-sayers

    was 1.3 the starting load? what did it rise to?