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  1. -Leister-

    thinking about taken out 2nd row seat in escalade

    Do it! Both are gonna run some bank. Hope your electrical is up to par also.
  2. -Leister-


    Never had problems with them at all.
  3. -Leister-

    Design: Type R's

    Just go do it now. Measure how deep it is, The height, and the width.
  4. -Leister-

    Design: Type R's

    Go measure it yourself. Thats the best way to do it.
  5. -Leister-

    Design: Type R's

    How much room do you have to work with?
  6. -Leister-

    18" DP or Nightshade?

    Maybe run one 4k to them both.
  7. -Leister-

    electrical what should i do?

    Indeed, If the big three isnt already done I would do this first.
  8. -Leister-

    single 18 in a single cab

    Thats what im trying to figure out. I think your pushing it a bit.
  9. -Leister-

    How to wire this???

    Wire it down, be easy on the settings though.
  10. -Leister-

    Box For 15inch Subs

    If its for a pair you will have to give us measurments of your trunk.