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  1. I have a northstar battery under the hood. I'm wanting to add another battery in the trunk but not really looking to pay for another northstar.. Would it affect the battery if I used a deka intimidator for the rear?
  2. SplAffair

    Tantric sounds prices?

    Possibly looking to buy a sub from tantric. Anyone able to get some prices?
  3. I too thought on my alpine you had to set the sub +15 to get full pre amp voltage. This isn't right?
  4. eBay does have a deal for 4 lanzar max 8s for 90 bucks lol
  5. SplAffair

    Which battery

    whats your size battery?
  6. SplAffair

    Which battery

    duracell agm from sams.
  7. SplAffair

    Component 6.5 help

    ive gone this route. 3/4 inch spacers make the mid hit the door panel. not really looking to cut my door panel there
  8. SplAffair

    American bass vfl 4000 fr

    need pics with user name. or thread will be deleted
  9. SplAffair

    4-15" Lanzar Max Pro 15s? LOL

    I've actually heard good things on these. There's a user on here that uses q power. Can't remember his user name. He's been on here awhile though
  10. SplAffair

    Component 6.5 help

    ZAPCO ZSL-165 6.5" SHALLOW SLIM LINE 2 WAY COMPONENT SPEAKERS http://bit.ly/1buZQHi These? and I will be buying Thursday or Friday so.
  11. SplAffair

    Component 6.5 help

    I drive a 98 cherokee and the max front door speaker depth is 2 and 5/16s any one know of a component set that can handle around 100 rms each side with this mounting depth? Would like to keep it >$100 if possible. I have a set of cadence cwm6kit 6.5s that won't fit lol