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  1. i got some morel maximo 6.5 comp. and the mids blows. Need a suggestion to replace them. i dont want to spent too much. so im looking to spent 120 dollars.
  2. makatc

    Looking for a Comp 6.5 under 180.00

    trumpet what u think about COM-626 CR ??? cdt 2 points infinty 1
  3. makatc

    Looking for a Comp 6.5 under 180.00

    n o body? Kappa 60.11CS Morel Maximo 6 JBL P660c
  4. the amp is arc audio xdi 800.5 and im looking for suggestions on what comps to buy. I like My Image Dynamics Ctx65cs with my old amp (kicker 850.4) but with the arc amp the tweeter are so harsh. well my tweeters blows. I can buy the same comp but im looking for some suggetions. like Massive Audio CK 6 V, Hertz Audio DSK 165.3, JBL P660C. what u think ppl
  5. makatc

    Rear Speaker Sugestion

    Bump bump
  6. makatc

    Rear Speaker Sugestion

    lol no body? bump
  7. makatc

    Rear Speaker Sugestion

    Front is image dynamics ctx 6.5 components. The amp will be a ppi 520 ion. Need something for my rear speaker. Coax? Mids? What will fit ok for my rears. My olds rear was polk db6501 comp but i dont want tweeters apart. I will love some image dynamics coax but 160 dollars too much for me.
  8. 36? and i try to put it on a smaller box what u think?
  9. makatc

    For Sale or Trade Kicker

    somebody send me a private message and i press delete without reading. just pm again
  10. Item(s) for Sale: Kolossus Fleks Kable 1/0 Gauge Blue Power/Ground Wire - 17 feets aprox Item(s) Description/Condition: used. Price: 30.00 dollars or trade for a 22 feets 4 gauge from a respetable brand like knu or welding cable Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: 12.00 =
  11. makatc

    Amplifier Suggestions Small and Powerfull

    where i can find taramp online?
  12. makatc

    Amplifier Suggestions Small and Powerfull

    lol 5 is ok for me.