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  1. blabo219

    4 channel amp shootout

    Yeah probably a better choice, I'm pleased with the MB though for $180 shipped I wanted a little more power for my sub though since I have 3/4 bridged
  2. Item(s) for Sale: Proto PMR, very UPed Item(s) Description/Condition: Superb condition Price: Reserve at $500 Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Listed LINK TO AUCTION: Proto PMR w/ UL frame & Carbon fiber boomstick & MORE! - eBay (item 280706970274 end time Jul-14-11 16:23:27 PDT) Let me know here if you guys have any questions
  3. blabo219

    Grand Prix Amp rack need some opinions

    Just leave from my driveway on any given day and you'll see at least 5 for the first mile.. my neighbors feed them which is illegal here too.. especially in town..
  4. blabo219

    4 channel amp shootout

    I would have done this, except it's more than double what I spent.
  5. Would putting my 6.5 ID woofers in a walled off bracket INSIDE my door hurt the sound? Not sealed, side with the hole open.
  6. blabo219

    Grand Prix Amp rack need some opinions

    Maybe you should actually install it haha, I topped mine out at 145 given its a little newer, but I hit a deer a couple months ago with only PLPD $@%^... Now I can't go over 80 without my hood coming unlatched.. It doesn't look very bad but its just not aerodynamic anymore
  7. blabo219

    Grand Prix Amp rack need some opinions

    Yeah I wish mine was, I paid for my '04 in cash and all the bass is killing all the little things in it, I used to have 2 SA-12s pushing 1600rms.. Rattles started coming from everything after that
  8. blabo219

    Grand Prix Amp rack need some opinions

    Oh I know those ****** plastic mounts are terrible... Yeah same as mine, my SA-12 kills my trunk, I did damplifier in my old car but can't afford to do my whole trunk again yet.. I'm pretty sure it's the spoiler that does it, the whole thing pressing against the trunk. I checked one time and 3 of the 4 nuts were sitting on the floor of my trunk.
  9. blabo219

    Grand Prix Amp rack need some opinions

    I've messed with it before and I can hardly tell the difference, plus you hear less treble from any rattles with them up. Seeing as how I have a GP too it's gotta be pretty similar. If anything, down the road just amp your front stage and remove your 6x9s for some air flow.
  10. Well it was hard to get any useful info out of there with your proper grammar.. Does it matter the size/shape of the "pod" i figured its not really a box so it can't be causing any harmful effects on the sound.. other than maybe the fact that it might perform better free air?
  11. blabo219

    Need help!!

    oh well theres your problem, you bought hifonics
  12. A little more info would help.. Check fuses? Protect mode? Smell? Loose wires? Weird noises?
  13. blabo219

    4 channel amp shootout

    I JUST got my MB Quart 125.4 today and I must say i'm pretty impressed with the SQ. I have 2 channels on my Image Dynamics 6.5 components and channels 3/4 are bridged to a Sundown SA-12. I have not used the Vibe, but my vote goes MB Quart
  14. Well i've never done a custom MDF bracket for door speakers so heres how I plan on going about it but please let me know if there's a better way. Cutting a 3/4" MDF ring to sit the woofer in just as wide as where the screws go in, so 1/2". Now I was going to try to make a square with four supports going to the sheet metal and fasten those in, with whatever is suggested, maybe some T-nuts. Then I was wondering, since the supports are in a square should I make a box around the four sides, just leaving the speaker hole to the door open? not sure if it would improve mid bass seeing as how I already have damplifier pro on my doors. Suggestions please!
  15. blabo219

    NEEDED some insight on new component sets to buy

    image dynamics ctx65cs, right around $130 and they sound like $1,000,000