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    audiopipe TXX-APX15- ( underpowered by kicker ZR360) for now
  1. Sunnyx

    wtb: 15" sub possibly..

    i may be able to help you if your interested in an AQ HD3 15, ill let you know, if i do sell it to you ill send you the pics of the sub- each VC read out and the packaging material also (i belive its the foam that DD uses to ship their subs)
  2. Sunnyx

    1phatclipse feedback thread

    purchased a saz-1500d from shane , no problems with it gladly would buy items from him again
  3. Sunnyx

    @ Saz-1500d owners

    What subs are you running on your saz-1500d? im just curious i have an AQ HD3 15 thinkin of getting a DC LVL 4XL 15.
  4. Sunnyx

    DC lvl4 XL question

    I'm thinking of getting a DC lvl4 XL 15" was wondering if any one knew what they go for new and used gonna be powered by a sundown audio 1500d
  5. Sunnyx

    sub bottoming out

    a little late but oh well my sub wasn't bottoming out it was the voice coil was hitting the dust cap:( pics below good thing thorshammer reconed mine =)
  6. Sunnyx

    DC Lvl 5 10's

    hey rob are you going to the show the 19th in oswego? if so just wondering if you'll have both your 5ks on your DC's cant imaging how much louder it would be. hopefully ill have my saz-1500d in by then, and possibly a new box/kinetic battery=P still wish i did a little better the last show=P
  7. Sunnyx

    Single sub woofer setups, What do you have??

    I have 1 HD3 15" in a ported box tuned at 38hz powered by a hifonics bxi-1208d not for to much longer though as I'm waiting for my saz-1500d to get shipped to me ^^ and i had to recone my sub cause the cone ripped off the voice coil >
  8. amp found! thanks for every posting!
  9. oh i want it but im 40 bucks to short =( right now
  10. Bump due to my idiocy misstyped the email address and the seller never got my money=P and by the time i got it back he sold it=P no biggy so im still looking! @ 1ohm
  11. Sunnyx

    xbox 360 with extrassss

    im looking for an xbox mine died out so now i only get audio no video pm if yu still have it
  12. i got my self an AQ 2200 thanks to Anonymous =)
  13. how much are ya looking for it?