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  1. whitedragon551

    Add yourself to the map of CarAudio.com forum members

    Just let me add my location so you sick fucks can find me.
  2. whitedragon551

    whats the best perk of your job (or jobs)

    Im a director for a managed print company. I get to travel all over the place, all expenses paid.
  3. whitedragon551

    Paid vendor area?

    Not sure. Havent heard anything. I havent heard anything. I would assume that it would be like last time where you get your own section of the forum to advertise in.
  4. whitedragon551

    pics of your doggo

    My all white german shepherd. 7 months old, 75 lbs. AKC registered. Came from a litter of pups where both parents were white and service dogs so he is pretty chill.
  5. whitedragon551

    the pirate bay

    I use private torrent sites like IPTorrents for pretty much everything, GazelleGames for PC game rips, Waffles for music. MMATracker for UFC fights, and Warez-BB for general shit.
  6. whitedragon551

    Raspberry Pi-based Head Unit

    Volumio can be installed standalone like RuneAudio. I have used both. For awhile Volumio development was stopped and RuneAudio picked up in its place. You can get the standalone version here: https://volumio.org/get-started
  7. whitedragon551

    Raspberry Pi-based Head Unit

    I have never tried a Pi with a touch screen and Rune. My guess is because of the GPIO boards being in use that may be true. However, they do have a cell phone app so you dont need a touch screen as you can use a smart phone. .
  8. whitedragon551

    Cadence quality

    This is just simply not true. Almost all of the Cadence gear from with the exception of the last couple years was under rated and did clean power. As with any brand though it depends on the model.
  9. whitedragon551

    Welcome back

    Goob is actively working on the site. Alot of the stuff that was implemented on the old site doesnt work on the new version so hes working through some of that.
  10. whitedragon551

    Cadence quality

    Depends on the amp. Alot of the old stuff was under rated. There was a batch of TXA's that were released with the incorrect heatsink and were known for overheating. They were sold for $50 an amp to just get rid of the stock.
  11. whitedragon551

    Raspberry Pi-based Head Unit

    You can get touch screens for the Pi's or use the HDMI output to a small 8" screen.
  12. whitedragon551

    Raspberry Pi-based Head Unit

    You can always look at something like the Pi3 with the HiFiBerry DAC's. Ive used the Pi3 and DAC+ to do a multi media system in businesses with great success with something like RuneAudio. Could also look at the Digi+ for that optical connection to the DSP.
  13. whitedragon551

    Places to go vacation

    They were awesome. The food was good, the people were nice and helpful when needed, prices for everything were about on par for what they are where Im from so no complaints. The worst was Dublin. It was a shit show. We met a couple that has lived in NYC for 15 years and they said they would never come back to Dublin because of how crazy it is. The food quality standards over there are way different than the US. They cook with fresh meats, fruits, and veggies so its hard to eat healthier over there and then come back and just have trash food. Even their Orange Fanta is like 75% real orange juice where as ours is 3% in the US.
  14. whitedragon551

    Places to go vacation

    Ireland was definitely bad ass. Will be taking the fam to Grand Caymen Islands in November for my wife and I's 10 year anniversary. Were mainly interested in the snorkeling, but just found out there is a pirate festival the week we are there so that should be pretty dope.
  15. Bluetooth as a protocol doesnt allow streaming video. What he needs is USB access and a device with Android Auto for this to work.