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  1. whitedragon551

    Raspberry Pi-based Head Unit

    Volumio can be installed standalone like RuneAudio. I have used both. For awhile Volumio development was stopped and RuneAudio picked up in its place. You can get the standalone version here: https://volumio.org/get-started
  2. whitedragon551

    Raspberry Pi-based Head Unit

    I have never tried a Pi with a touch screen and Rune. My guess is because of the GPIO boards being in use that may be true. However, they do have a cell phone app so you dont need a touch screen as you can use a smart phone. .
  3. whitedragon551

    Cadence quality

    This is just simply not true. Almost all of the Cadence gear from with the exception of the last couple years was under rated and did clean power. As with any brand though it depends on the model.
  4. whitedragon551

    Cadence quality

    Depends on the amp. Alot of the old stuff was under rated. There was a batch of TXA's that were released with the incorrect heatsink and were known for overheating. They were sold for $50 an amp to just get rid of the stock.
  5. whitedragon551

    Raspberry Pi-based Head Unit

    You can get touch screens for the Pi's or use the HDMI output to a small 8" screen.
  6. whitedragon551

    Raspberry Pi-based Head Unit

    You can always look at something like the Pi3 with the HiFiBerry DAC's. Ive used the Pi3 and DAC+ to do a multi media system in businesses with great success with something like RuneAudio. Could also look at the Digi+ for that optical connection to the DSP.
  7. Bluetooth as a protocol doesnt allow streaming video. What he needs is USB access and a device with Android Auto for this to work.
  8. I think me and Denim are the only 2 mods around. Unfortunately we have 0 power outside of deleting and moving threads or banning people.
  9. whitedragon551

    Need help with my Eclipse CD8053

    According to this thread you have to call and provide proof of ownership: Eclipse CD8053 ESN help please. - Car Audio | DiyMobileAudio.com | Car Stereo Forum Also for what its worth they arent defunct. They just stopped selling gear in the US.
  10. whitedragon551

    Some of todays WTF classifieds

    If only we had a sticky post for this in the Thunderdome...
  11. whitedragon551

    Legit eBay seller? $275 for Morel Tempo Ultra 602's

    You need a red filter lens and you use it to view the sticker on the bottom of the magnet.
  12. whitedragon551

    Guess Papermaker's SPL score thread

    Nope. Perm.
  13. whitedragon551

    Guess Papermaker's SPL score thread

    Nah, banned for making a bet and refusing to pay up effectively scamming hertz mafia out of his rightfully earned $500.
  14. whitedragon551

    Calling out @Hertz Mafia

    Letting your pride get the better of you. Way to step up and be a man... Banned for scamming hertz mafia.
  15. whitedragon551

    Guess Papermaker's SPL score thread

    Stating you were tuned 5Hz to high is an excuse. Youre a clown and now everyone knows it.