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  1. Got 1 myself. This is definitely going to be the biggest DSP on the market price wise for this year. It has everything a starting enthusiast could want. Hell, even some seasoned folks will benefit from being lazy by not having to reach for a laptop every time you want to adjust something. Sure we give up on some fine detailed features of some of these $600+ DSP units, but that isn't what the DSR1 is about. What it does it does it very well and I would recommend one to anyone interested in a bluetooth controlled DSP unit that isn't looking to break the bank and still have some features that will get you sounding pretty good.
  2. nadcicle

    New website to download rebassed music

    I assumed my files worked well. FYI, he had 2 new folders he did that we will need to get a hold of. Not sure how many are new songs in those folders because I for sure saw Downtown in one, but I did see some others in there I was unsure of.
  3. nadcicle

    New website to download rebassed music

    He was waiting on me to share the rest of the music on reddit but they didn't like his post and deleted it. I have them in case nobody else does. I'd like to help getting them on the site in case there might be an issue with folders 1-14